Riverside Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Riverside Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Most employees of various workplaces don’t wake up one morning praying someone will harass them while on that clock. The unfortunate reality is that many people are harassed, disparaged, retaliated against, racially slurred, or even emasculated. Happens every day, coast to coast. Employees who are intimidated into remaining silent suffer the most.

JML Law, an understanding Riverside hostile work environment attorney, takes cases where people are simply oppressed to the point of ending their careers. We’ll step in, slam employers with Civil Rights Act violations, and let EEOC and other regulatory bodies handle their end.

Being taunted, dispirited, or simply treated like a piece of meat’ when all you’re trying to do is work hard is definitely a problem in America.

Laws and Hostility Case Examples

Pervasively negative workplace conduct which interferes with daily activities and personally attacks someone’s age, sex, religion, or other beliefs is beyond illegal. Punishments victims tend to seek are monetary, as many have been forced out of their jobs with even more undergoing psychiatric evaluations for the mental torture workplace hostility brought about.

Many laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, ADEA, EEOC, and other California codes, are used to build client cases. Collecting victim impact statements, witnesses’ accounts of events, and whatever reasonable evidence is collectible will be used.

Each workplace hostility case is built upon its own merits. Whereas some cases may be appropriate to settle outside court, others with class action potential should be tried in court.

Some common examples of hostility in work environments may include:

  1. Supervisors constantly yell at an employee using racially charged statements rather than their proper name.
  2. The employer makes progressing and receiving pay increases impossible because you’re from a different race, or refuse to ‘lay down with the boss.
  3. Coworkers or bosses threaten bodily harm, continued emotional abuse, termination or theft of personal belongings for not quitting voluntarily.
  4. Employees constantly ridicule your choice of religious affiliation and put inappropriate photos of people, who share similar religious ideas as you, being tortured on your desk.
  5. Victims are stalked at other locations around town by perpetrators of hostility.

There are numerous ways employers have intimidated our clients, mostly because they think they’ll get away with it. Once victims have retained a Riverside hostile work environment attorney from JML Law, we’ll make sure your case receives immediate attention.

Workplace Hostility Is Not OK.

There’s nothing ‘cool’, commonplace or justified about harassing people where they collect their paychecks. Many folks spent years getting their degrees, worked tirelessly to make themselves comfortable at work, and only wish to advance within the workplace.

JML Law will take a no-cost, no-obligation look at your workplace harassment case. We’ll discuss potential angles to litigate the case, and what outcomes are possible. Our attorneys pride themselves on keeping honest, open communication with clients from Day 1.

Don’t let bullying upend your otherwise prolific career. Contact us immediately when workplace hostility has gone too far, and you need our Riverside hostile work environment attorney to defend you.

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