Riverside Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riverside Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Accidents involving an intoxicated, unskilled or distracted driver can literally destroy physical and financial stability for motorcyclists injured in them. With or without protective gear, riders have very little protection from direct ground contact, which causes broken limbs and possible paralysis – even death. Should victims or surviving loved ones wish to hold parties responsible, JML Law is here.

Our Riverside motorcycle accident attorney understands the complexity of litigating cases like this. But we’re pretty good at getting to the bottom of these accidents, because your recovery is counting on our ability to secure compensation for injuries sustained, including those financial issues which may quickly arise when income stops flowing into your household.

Why Choosing JML Law Makes Sense

Experience wins motorcycle accident claims, not good luck or generous insurers. We’ve built our firm with hard work, rigorous defense of riders across the state, and an understanding that nothing means more to motorcyclists than getting back to work, and back riding again. Or, at least made financially whole again should paralysis come of their injuries.

Millions in compensation have been collected for victims of negligence. Medical bills have been covered. Bikes have been fully replaced. And families of riders have been given financial help for years to come based on the loss of their beloved biker. Results, in other words, speak for themselves – but these results aren’t given, they’re earned.

We safeguard motorcyclists from insurers dedicated to making their lives more hellish by offering pitiful settlement checks. Our team works with police, insurance companies, city departments, and witnesses to build an incredibly solid case against the at-fault driver, regardless if they’re commercial drivers or regular citizens. Once we’ve compiled enough information, we’ll move into the pre-trial settlement stage where many cases get resolved – or they’ll get placed before the courts.

Hiring experience just makes sense. Victims don’t want an apology and some extra spending money – they want full accountability, full restitution for their injuries and their bikes restored to ridable condition. That’s why JML Law is the Riverside motorcycle accident attorney chosen by motorcyclists.

Accident Litigation is Our Specialty

Regardless of how skillful riders operate their bikes, accidents happen. Drivers attempt to switch lanes without looking, truckers aren’t careful when approaching lane-splitting riders, and people sometimes just don’t drive fairly. When motorcyclists have been injured, it’s the treatment they receive after the incident that separates us from the field.

Accident advocacy is where we’ve concentrated our legal services for years. We know the insurance tricks. We know what’s going to happen many times before any phone calls are made, simply because the song remains the same – offer victim something quick, get them off the insurance company’s case and move on to the next victim. That’s how insurers work, and it won’t stop until we intervene.

JML Law offers quality accident litigation without the obligation to pay anything until cases are settled favorably. We’ll never accept something we wouldn’t take ourselves should we find ourselves injured. And the Riverside motorcycle accident attorney you get from our firm stands behind you.

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