Riverside Product Liability Attorney

Riverside Product Liability Attorney

Product Liability lawyer Riverside

Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product? We Can Help

There are many hidden dangers around us. But the last place many people expect to find them is the products we purchase. Unfortunately, countless people throughout Southern California are injured due to defective products. Whether you have purchased a new car, a microwave oven, or medical supplies, just one defective part or component can cause serious injuries and even a fatality. The legal team at JML Law is always ready to help. For more than 35 years, our Riverside product liability attorneys have successfully represented countless men and women who have been injured due to defective products.

When you purchase a vehicle or any item from a store, you don’t expect it to cause any physical harm. Even products that are potentially hazardous should contain warning labels. But when a person is injured by a defective product, there can be several different parties that may be liable. It is vital to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner. Over the years, our Riverside personal injury attorneys have provided legal counsel for a variety of product liability cases, including:

  1. Motor vehicle parts
  2. Industrial machines
  3. Medical devices
  4. Lawn mowers
  5. Breast implants
  6. Electric saws
  7. Children’s toys
  8. Home appliances
  9. Much more

Recovering the Maximum Compensation for Your Product Liability Injuries

Some of the most serious injuries are caused by defective products. The failure of a car airbag to deploy can result in horrific facial damage. A defective part in a microwave oven can start a fire and cause damage to your property and even result in permanent burns. A child can choke on a small object found in a toy. Products without adequate warning labels can pose a huge hazard. When these injuries occur, it is vital to recovering the maximum compensation. Catastrophic injuries require a lifetime of treatment and thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, damages, and lost wages.

Proving Product Liability

Product liability cases can often be difficult to prove because there can be several different defendants, including the manufacturer and where the product was purchased. Our Riverside product liability attorneys take the time thoroughly investigate each case. We also utilize a vast array of legal resources, including experts in the medical field and product experts to help place each client in the best position to succeed.

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If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective product, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries, damages, and lost wages. For more than 35 years, the Riverside product liability attorneys at JML Law have been getting results. From the time a client visits for their initial consultation and all the way through the trial, our team will always be in your corner. We utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach by working diligently in the courtroom and behind the scenes to help our clients achieve the best possible result. To learn more, contact our law office today and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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