Riverside Retaliation Attorney

Riverside Retaliation Attorney

Without overstating the obvious, workplace retaliation is illegal in California. Period. An employer who takes it upon themselves to show an adverse attitude, or takes derogatory actions, without merit is more than likely retaliating against an employee.

Specific reasons why certain employers retaliate against employees are unknown. JML Law has an aggressive Riverside retaliation attorney who will hold employers found guilty of retaliation accountable, so we rarely question an employer’s motive for retaliating against good workers.

Understanding Employer Retaliation

Larger corporations may retaliate against promising employees who aggressively climb the corporate ladder. Executives hate seeing their jobs threatened by younger, more wiser individuals; so, many times, executives will instruct upper management to ‘make life hell’ for these up-and-comers.

Retaliation may take many forms. Some common types we see most often include:

  1. Whistleblowing. Nobody wants corporate duplicity reported to authorities. So, when activities like ‘cooking books’, purposely shorting stocks or similar acts transpire, people who ‘tattle’ are considered ‘rats’. And corporations unleash all types of retaliatory hell on whistleblowers.
  2. Denial of sexual acts. What could happen to women who refuse to perform sexual activities at work? Loss of hours, sudden termination, name calling and further harassment, to name a few things.>
  3. Religious practices. Employers who practice one religion, but have employees of another faith, tend to disparage or ridicule employees who won’t conform to one type of religion.
  4. Being married. Single bosses don’t like married folks working together, or married women applying for jobs at all. Retaliation by refusal to hire or promote are common tactics used by employers to dissuade married folks from applying.

Bring any employer retaliatory grievances to our Riverside retaliation attorney who, with an armada of resources and contacts, can quickly resolve your case or bring court action if deemed appropriate.

Identify Retaliation Hire JML Law to Litigate.

Employees sometimes have difficulty identifying when an employer may be retaliating. Since being oblivious breaks no laws, many go months before realizing they’re being forced out of their position.

If your employer does any of the following, it’s probably out of retaliation:

  1. Suddenly grades your performance reviews negatively when all others were positive.
  2. Workload has increased significantly while others with lesser seniority are having ‘lazy days’ more often than usual.
  3. Employers exclude you from meetings that will discuss pertinent information you must know. For stockholders, this is simply called ‘oppression’.
  4. Training materials are suddenly made unavailable to you, although you see similar materials on a coworker’s desk.

Apart from outright demotion or termination, an employer’s retaliation is sometimes skewed. This is why we encourage folks with perfect attendance, work ethic and no writeups to bring claims of employer retaliation to our attention because something is definitely amiss.

Tired of being the butt end of inappropriate jokes? Not receiving breaks that other employees are? California law prohibits retaliation of any sort, at any time. Punitive damages to employer, and financial awards for victims, are available and are often settled for outside of court.

Contact us today so our Riverside retaliation attorney may review your case.

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