Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

Workplaces that condone sexual harassment are growing in number, even as you read this. Females reporting rape, being inappropriately fondled and similarly unwarranted advances are multiplying daily. With all this inappropriate activity, how are businesses staying open? By offering ‘hush money, or intimidating women into not talking.

JML Law takes allegations of sexual harassment seriously. With experience dealing solely in sexual harassment suits, our Riverside sexual harassment attorney will fully investigate claims and propose solutions to end being sexually attacked for good.

An Employer’s Obligation to Abolish

Companies cannot possibly vet new hires deep enough to determine if, or when, they’ll begin sexually harassing women. In many cases, it simply starts happening on its own. Regardless of how many movies, reading materials, or Civil Rights Act training employers receive, it’s the mere act of remaining silent that makes abolishing sexual harassment in workplaces next to impossible.

Enforcing well-documented sexual harassment policies only makes sense when supervisors, executives, and even board members remain proactive in policing their work areas for inappropriateness. Without some form of hands-on involvement, sexual harassment will continually plague workplaces because the consensus believes nobody cares to dig deeper.

JML Law sits down with victims of sexual harassment and offers in-depth conversations meant to encourage them to be a voice for women too scared to speak up. We intervene in cases where:

  1. Employers vehemently deny knowledge of sexual harassment but have access to cameras, email servers, and other means to see its been happening.
  2. A boss will only offer overtime hours to a woman if she performs sexual acts on her. Once she tells another supervisor, she’s immediately demoted but given extra duty in a department, she’s unfamiliar with.
  3. The interviewer asks the female what she’s wearing under her dress, and refuses to hire her when she doesn’t answer.
  4. Women is up for a performance evaluation. Getting perfect marks hinges on whether exposes herself to the male doing the employee review.

The list is as long as your imagination. Sexual harassment crimes don’t discriminate based on color, education, location, or even whether you’re disabled or not.

Hire JML Law to Fight Back

There’s nothing our Riverside sexual harassment attorney loves more than making companies and individuals who perpetrate, openly allow, and pretend not to know about sexual harassment crimes.

We need only prove:

  1. The female in question was legally employed at the location where sexual harassment occurred.
  2. During a specified period, unwarranted sexual advances were documented by females.
  3. The employer and individual were aware their harassment was unwelcome but continued anyway.
  4. The company has a duty to pay damages to females.

Each step may be more in-depth than others, but the gist of proving sexual harassment occurred is relatively cut and dry. Because companies are often embarrassed if allegations are unveiled in court, and victims would rather not relive their nightmares, JML Law makes every attempt to settle out of court.

Sexual harassment is not ok. If you need help filing complaints, police reports and want money paid to you for wages lost and suffering, call us today.

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