Riverside Truck Accident Attorney

Riverside Truck Accident Attorney

Riverside Truck Accident Attorney

The Riverside truck accident attorneys at JML Law have extensive experience handling truck accidents in your area and are looking forward to discussing all details surrounding your case. You can contact us today at 818-610-8800 and schedule your initial consultation.

Truck accidents occur often in Riverside, especially 18-wheelers who are extremely dangerous when involved in a collision. This is mainly due to their size and mass. Passenger vehicles are often the ones who experience these accidents the most followed by deadly aftermath.

These types of accidents necessitate the legal assistance of an experienced Riverside truck accident attorney who has already dealt with the complexities of trucking company policies. Although trucking companies often say they are working on revising their policies in order to improve the safety of all passengers and reduce the amount of accidents, they generally do exactly the opposite.

Did you know?

  1. There are about 500,000 truck accidents every year in our nation
  2. About 5000 of these accidents are deadly
  3. Almost 100% of these fatalities are caused by the driver
  4. A commercial truck accident can cost about $59,150
  5. There are about $130,000 in injuries sustained in truck accidents every year

The main causes

  1. Speeding: Some truck drivers may speed because want to fulfill their duties at work. It’s harder for a vehicle that large to maneuver or stop in an unpredictable situation.
  2. Heavy loads: There are some trucks carrying a significant weight which makes it harder to stop the vehicle.  Heavy loads can also alter the balance of the truck and when the vehicle hits another vehicle chances are the damages are more severe. Although tanker trucks and flatbed trucks are generally in this category, garbage and dump trucks can be as bad.
  3. Maintenance:  Sometimes trucks are not properly maintained and they are subject to mechanical failure.  When vehicles are not maintained as they should drivers have a greater risk of being involved in an accident.
  4. Insufficient sleep: Many truckers feel overworked and they are often deprived of sleep, which may lead to more mistakes. Trucks are generally paid by the miles they travel. In other words, the more they push themselves, the more they get paid. Sleeping may be a distraction to meeting a deadline so they tend to fall asleep while they drive.
  5. Blind spots and highway synopsis: Blind spots are a very common cause of road accidents. The truck mirrors may not allow a complete view of the area on the back.  Highway synopsis refers to the trance-like state a driver may experience when driving in the same scenery for a long time.

Contact a Riverside truck accident attorney

It’s not advised that you negotiate with a truck company on your own. These companies can be insensitive to victims involved in a truck accident. Chances are the facts are altered, and they may also lie about your case. It’s important that you don’t accept their terms and find a good Riverside truck accident attorney to represent you and negotiate the terms on your behalf.

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