Riverside Wage Fraud Attorney

Riverside Wage Fraud Attorney

An honest day’s work should reap an honest day’s pay. When employees clock in, sweat and grind for 8 or more hours, then return home, a sense of accomplishment is felt. But proudness is quickly replaced with anger when payday comes, and hours were purposely left off. This is wage fraud, and our Riverside wage fraud attorney would go after the perpetrators with everything they had.

JML Law has successfully litigated cases where employees worked specific hours but were shorted by either fault of employers, or simply as an act of retaliation by corporate headquarters. Regardless of how wage fraud persists, it’s illegal.

Your Wages and FLSA

The posters in workplace breakrooms with mandatory Federal minimum wages derive from Fair Labor Standards Act mandates. The Department of Labor oversees FLSA activity, so when wages are either paid below the Federal minimum or hours are cut short, a potential Federal case could open. Under Federal law, employers:

  1. Must pay hours worked over 40 at the rate of 1.5 times the hourly rate currently assigned to the employee. Employees are entitled to the higher rate of state and federal minimums.
  2. Must keep accurate records of wages earned and hours worked. Also, employers must display FLSA wage information in a common area viewable by all employees.

Since the EEOC also mandates wages to be paid fairly without consideration of sex, color, race or religious practice, employers could really shoot themselves in the foot for acting discriminatorily in withholding wages from employees. Guess what? Many employers do just that.

California’s minimum wage at present is $10.50 if the employer has 25 or few workers, and $11.00 if the workplace employs over 26. So, one hour of overtime is worth either $15.75 or $16.50. To hourly workers, that’s a pretty good chunk of change they’re being robbed of.

Because we’re a proactive Riverside wage fraud attorney firm that gets results for clients, JML Law will fight to collect owed wages and may be able to collect other financial benefits for those employees who suffered significant losses by having their overtime pay defrauded.

Wage Fraud is Illegal.

There’s nothing worse than looking at your direct deposit, then feeling your stomach sink knowing either one bill doesn’t get paid, or your kids may not get that toy you promised them. We deal with similar scenarios quite often.

Laws are quite clear. You worked the hours, you get paid those hours. Sure, employers will try shaving an hour or two to save payroll taxes. Doesn’t matter what they’re saving; they’re robbing you of money you can prove you earned. And it’s our Riverside wage fraud attorney who will make things right for you.

When we dispute wages on your behalf, employers must pay all undisputed wages immediately. There’s no withholding, no ‘safekeeping’; you get paid what you and your employer both agree are owed. From there, we will go back days, months, even years to recover backpay you may be entitled to.

There’s no cost to consult with JML Law regarding your missing wages. Don’t delay, call us today.

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