Riverside Whistleblower Attorney

Riverside Whistleblower Attorney

Transparency is perhaps the most valuable asset any major corporation has. Information about earnings, operations, growth, and executive pay may seem trivial to most, but having access to information about the company potential stock buyers may invest in could make or break their decision to buy.

Some corporations would rather release fraudulent earnings data to manipulate stock positions. And with every wrongdoing, there’s a whistleblower who just wants their workplace to be a level playing field.

JML Law provides results-driven Riverside whistleblower attorney representation to whistleblowers who’ve been retaliated against for doing the right thing and reporting corporate duplicity.

Corporate Whistleblowing and Qui Tam

Whistleblowing wasn’t invented yesterday. As long as there have been illegal acts at work, there’s been someone within earshot or eyesight to report said wrongdoing. Today, most whistleblowers report corporate frauds, unreported sexual harassment, Ponzi schemes, and similar shams. The JML Law team has taken many cases where people have been scared of retaliation, even being murdered, because they’ve reported something ‘they probably shouldn’t have seen’.

Refusing to violate the law is, in principle, a method of whistleblowing. Executives may ask underlings to erase sensitive data that could implicate them in crimes, for example. Refusal to comply will more than like cause massive retaliation, including termination. In essence, failing to comply with executive orders just landed them in trouble, so you indirectly ‘blew a whistle’.

Qui Tam, which loosely translates to ‘he who sues the king sues himself’, is whistleblowing on a government level. Chiefly in contract law, reporting government duplicity to law enforcement or similarly heavy hitting departments could result in charges being filed; you, the whistleblower, could probably see some form of retaliation against you for implicating government officials.

We provide our Riverside whistleblower attorney so those who spoke up have a voice on their side.

How We Help Whistleblowers

JML Law will file both Qui Tam and whistleblowing claims on behalf of clients.

With enough facts, testimony, and enough information about the corporation in question, we’re able to take individuals or companies to court, holding them accountable for their wrongdoing and wrongful termination of the whistleblower. We seek maximum damages in these cases because we know that lost wages and living in fear are worth something.

In Qui Tam’s actions, many suits filed are done to recover money that was stolen or misappropriated from government contracts. The whistleblower, although not entitled to a specific amount of money, will receive a portion of recovered funds, plus lost wages, if our case is successful.

It takes courage to step forward and report government, corporate or individual proprietors acting inappropriately. Unfortunately, retaliation many whistleblowers go through is scary, which may include death threats and other attacks on character and property.

If you have been fired, disparaged, or dragged into a hostile environment because you reported wrongdoing, please do not wait. Contact a Riverside whistleblower attorney who knows the laws and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

We do not charge for consulting clients on their whistleblowing claims.

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