Riverside Wrongful Termination Attorney

Riverside Wrongful Termination Attorney

Unlawfully terminating employment is legally construed as wrongful termination. There’s really no gray area here; employers who break laws in firing employees can and will be held accountable by JML Law, a well-respected Riverside wrongful termination attorney who has recovered millions in lost wages, pain, and suffering for clients who got axed without just cause.

As strong proponents of employment law and the preservation of employees’ rights, JML Law not only settles claims for wronged workers, but we send stark messages to employers that wrongful terminations will not be tolerated.

Why Employees Are Often Terminated

Performance, attendance issues (not including approved FMLA leave) and general nonsense aren’t covered events under the ‘wrongful termination’ umbrella. However, employees are often terminated for senseless reasons, like:

  1. Failing to take a drug screen for another employee of higher seniority.
  2. Being left-winged in a traditionally right-wing office.
  3. Recently having a sex change operation.
  4. Failing to cover up OSHA violations, but instead reporting them.
  5. Being mentally challenged but still able to perform duties without accommodations.
  6. Failing to perform sexual acts in order to advance to a managerial position.
  7. Failing to disclose marital status.
  8. Having an ethnicity that nobody in your workplace likes, so the supervisor says.

Other reasons may include combinations of the above, dismissal for failing to participate in corporate fraud or reporting physical assaults to local police.

Proving Impermissible Purpose

Employers in California do enjoy being ‘at-will’, meaning firing technically can happen for whatever reason. Where these seemingly random firings become illegal is when they’re done based off false pretenses. JML Law will use every Riverside wrongful termination attorney under our roof to rigorously defend wrongfully terminated folks.

To successfully win claims, we must prove that an employer was reckless, without permissible purpose and caused harm to an employee. However, another tool our law firm may use is an employee’s constructive termination.

If workplace conditions due to discriminatory or hostile actions have gotten so bad that no other recourse but quitting is available, the loss of employment becomes an involuntary termination.

Californian workers are protected by some of the toughest wrongful termination laws in the country. The employer need only have a branch in the state to be subject to FEHA and similar mandates.

Let JML Law Fight for Your Rights

Reprehensible conduct by employers who ‘fee like’ firing people will not be tolerated in California. Workers are visiting our Riverside wrongful termination attorney in staggering numbers because not only will we leverage every line of written law to win your case, we’ll seek punitive damages so employers can’t hurt people anymore. It’s the right thing to do.

Employees, if you have been terminated because of age, race, sexuality, disability or any other protected status, contact our office today. We’ll look over your case and determine what steps should be taken. If any grievances must be filed with EEOC or other agencies, we can assist in the preparation of documents upon being hired.

You worked hard to build your career and were wrongfully terminated. Let us fight to settle your case.

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