San Bernardino Age Discrimination Attorney

San Bernardino Age Discrimination Attorney

As you age, you can start to feel as though you become invisible, both in work and in your private life. Society may tend to favor the young but, under California legislation, your employer cannot legally discriminate against you on the grounds of being aged 40 or over. You have worked hard over the years to master your job and build your career, and you deserve better than being replaced with a younger employee when the firm decides it is time for a change. Should this happen to you, an age discrimination attorney from JML Law in San Bernardino is on hand to fight for your rights, and to provide the guidance and support you need throughout the legal process.

We will not let any employer – no matter how big – away with unlawful discrimination of any type, including that based on age. When you are ready to stand up for your rights, and recognize that you need expert legal representation to do so successfully, call us on 818-610-8800 to discuss your options.

How Does Age Discrimination Happen in San Bernardino

Discrimination is not always as immediately obvious or clear as you may think. As well as the more evident examples of being dismissed, demoted, or passed over for promotion due to your age, you may find that you are becoming the subject of workplace jokes, victimized by harassment, denied the training you need to develop professionally or receive performance reviews which suggest your work is at a significantly lower standard than is fair. Perhaps you have been working under a management and leadership team who regularly comment about a need for younger employees and the positive changes that could be brought about by introducing “young blood”. Any of these scenarios could qualify you to bring an age discrimination lawsuit – if you are at least 40 years of age – and our lawyers are dedicated to securing the best possible outcome from your case.

As soon as you begin to suspect that you may be the target of age discrimination in the workplace, it is recommended that you make a note of the details of every instance, including what happened, when and where it occurred, and who was involved. This information may prove invaluable when your San Bernardino age discrimination attorney is building a strong case on your behalf.

When confronted about the reasons for terminating your employment or looking you over for promotion, your employer may claim that this was done for a legitimate reason, making it essential to have has much evidence as possible at your fingertips.

How Can a San Bernardino Age Discrimination Attorney Help Me

From the moment you attend your initial consultation with a San Bernardino age discrimination attorney, we will focus our skills and expertise on securing the outcome you deserve from your case. If you are in employment, we will ensure that your employer is aware that you are being subjected to discrimination in the workplace. If you have been dismissed on age-related grounds, we will request your personnel file and other relevant information for review.

To discuss how your case could be successfully handled by a San Bernardino age discrimination attorney from JML Law, call us today at 818-610-8800 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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