San Bernardino Discrimination Attorney

San Bernardino Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination in the workplace is something that nobody should have to deal with. It is wrong, and the federal government prohibits it. If you look at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you can see a list of the types of workplace discrimination that is prohibited at the federal level. The state of California goes even further with their protections.

Workplace discrimination is much more than just racial or gender discrimination. While those are major problems, other groups of people also suffer from workplace bias, both intentional and unintentional.

When you need a San Bernardino discrimination attorney, you can count on JML Law to be by your side. Our experienced team will stop at nothing to secure the compensation you deserve.

Types Of Discrimination

There are people who belong to certain groups that have been historically discriminated against in the workplace. This can include discrimination against a person because of their:

  1. Race or color
  2. Ethnicity or nationality
  3. Gender or sexual identity
  4. Disability
  5. Marital status
  6. Religion (or lack of religion)
  7. Age
  8. And more

California has even passed legislation that protects the right of undocumented migrants within the state. This group of people has traditionally suffered harsh treatment, but now they have recourse options.

Workplace discrimination is always wrong and it can significantly affect the people who suffer from it, both financially and emotionally.

Many people who face discrimination simply put up with it, often because they have no other job options. They hope that the discrimination will eventually stop, but it usually does not.

Many times, businesses hire employees they otherwise would not hire in an effort to show they do not practice hiring discrimination. However, that person often encounters resistance from coworkers and managers who may make them uncomfortable in an effort to get them to quit.

Discrimination shows up in many forms. Sometimes it is paying men and women differently. Other times it is ensuring that minorities work in less desirable jobs for lower pay than their coworkers. Often, it is seen when a person fails to receive a promotion or pay raise that they are due for.

What You Can Do Now

We know how hard these issues can be to deal with. Putting up with workplace discrimination is something nobody should have to do. At JML Law, we want to help you. Whether you are still working in a place that practices discriminatory behavior or you have had to leave your job, we will work to secure compensation for what you have been through. This can include the following:

  1. Lost wage recovery
  2. Pain and suffering damages
  3. Punitive damages
  4. Court and legal fees
  5. Promotion if you have been denied due to discrimination

Discrimination should not exist in the workplace. The only way to defeat discrimination is to hold those who practice is accountable for their actions. When you need a discrimination attorney in San Bernardino, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation.

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