San Bernardino Gender Discrimination Attorney

San Bernardino Gender Discrimination Attorney

If you pay attention to the realities of working anywhere in the United States, you will know that gender discrimination continues to pose a significant problem across the nation. According to statistics, around 42% of all female employees have experienced some form of discrimination during their career to date and, if you are a woman, you can probably name at least one time when your gender was used against you. The glass ceiling, which is a term given to the fact that men tend to be offered more opportunities for advancement and progression than their female counterparts, is illegal under California employment law, but this does not mean it has been eradicated. More qualified women are passed over constantly, with the jobs being awarded to men who are neither as experienced nor as capable, and that is just one example of how gender discrimination tends to materialize.

At JML Law, our gender discrimination attorneys are passionate about removing all forms of this behavior from the San Bernardino workplace and pledge to provide the expert legal guidance and support you require throughout the entire legal process. While we will always strive to secure a fair settlement on your behalf, our lawyers will never shy away from litigation where required.

Are Sex and Gender Discrimination the Same Thing

Although the two forms of workplace discrimination are similar, and the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some notable differences between sex discrimination and gender discrimination. A person’s sex refers to whether they were born male or female, whereas your gender is the sex to which you identify. At JML Law, our attorneys have a proven track record in successfully handling cases of both types. To illustrate the difference, sex discrimination occurs in scenarios such as those where a woman is paid less than her male counterparts, or refused advancement opportunities in favor of a less qualified man. Gender discrimination can occur where an employee is treated unfavorably due to identifying as a gender other than that they were born with.

We understand that, when you have been the victim of any kind of workplace discrimination, the specific name given to it will not hold much importance. Whatever type of discrimination you are experiencing, our lawyers are here to fight for your legal rights.

Common Types of Gender Discrimination

There are many ways in which employees may be discriminated against due to their sex or gender, with some of the most common including:

  1. Male and female employees being paid differently for the same job
  2. Different job responsibilities being assigned purely based on sex or gender
  3. Interview questions varying depending on the candidate’s gender, such as a female applicant being asked about her plans to have children
  4. Advancement and promotion opportunities denied on the grounds of gender
  5. Female employees being required to wear skirts, rather than being allowed to follow the same dress code as their male co-workers

When you have been subjected to any type of unfavorable treatment due to your sex or gender, a San Bernardino gender discrimination attorney will comprehensively and aggressively fight for the outcome you deserve.

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