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As is only right, racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal under both California state and federal laws. It is unlawful to use features such as skin color, facial hair, or other characteristics which can generally be associated with a particular race when making decisions about employment, including promotions, pay increases, and opportunities to advance a career. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects you against discrimination on the grounds of your skin color, or other racial characteristics such as facial features, eyes, hair, and bone structure.

If you have been affected by racial discrimination in the workplace, an esteemed attorney from JML Law could pursue the legal recompense you are entitled to.

Proving Workplace Racial Discrimination in San Bernardino

Although there is no denying that racial discrimination exists both in and out of the workplace, it can be difficult to prove that this was the reason why you were treated adversely in certain scenarios such as:

  1. Being denied a pay increase
  2. Losing out on a promotion to a less qualified co-worker of another race
  3. Becoming the subject of racially charged jokes or comments
  4. Segregation in the workplace
  5. Being paid less for the same job than an equally-skilled person of another race
  6. Being allocated less favorable tasks and working hours
  7. Unfairly being denied a bonus
  8. Being fired or terminated from employment

There is very rarely definitive evidence of racial discrimination available to be produced immediately. Instead, you should be careful to hire a San Bernardino attorney who will work tirelessly to investigate every possible avenue while collating evidence on your behalf. You can be confident that your JML Law attorney will leave no stone unturned while building your case, ensuring that the employer, manager, supervisor or co-worker who committed the offense is held accountable for their actions.

Some of the approaches you can expect your San Bernardino racial discrimination attorney to adopt whilst handling your case include:

  1. Proving that you belong to a protected class
  2. Demonstrating that you were subjected to an adverse employment action, including suspension, demotion, or termination
  3. Employees in similar situations, but of a different race, were treated in a more positive manner
  4. Demonstrating an inference of racial discrimination in the scenario applicable to you
  5. Using various forms of evidence, such as statistical evidence, comparative evidence, and direct evidence to strengthen your case. Of course, direct evidence – such as written remarks made about you – carries the most weight, but the two other kinds can also be powerful

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At JML Law, we believe it is important that as many cases of racial discrimination as possible are made public and the perpetrators held accountable for their actions. Only through doing this do any of us have a chance of reducing the frequency of occurrence. As the evidence for your case is likely to take some time to collate and examine, and there is a strict one-year limit on filing a suit, you should act immediately when you have been subjected to such treatment.

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