San Bernardino Religious Discrimination Attorney

San Bernardino Religious Discrimination Attorney

Choosing whether or not to practice a religion and, indeed, which religion you choose to practice, is a very personal decision and not one that should be any concern of others. Despite this, it is all too often an issue in the workplace, where religious discrimination can see some individuals subjected to verbal or physical abuse, or treated differently to their co-workers, simply because of their religion. It is unlawful to refuse to hire a potential employee, offer a different rate of pay, or make promotion and advancement decisions based on a person’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof. If you have been subjected to such treatment by your co-workers, supervisor, manager, or employer, a San Bernardino religious discrimination attorney from JML Law can harness the full extent of our legal expertise and experience in fighting for your rights.

Both California’s state laws, and federal laws such as the Civil Rights Act 1964, protect workers against religious discrimination in the workplace. We firmly believe that differences make each of us an individual and, as such, should be celebrated rather than penalized. With over 40 years of experience as a firm of pro-choice religious discrimination attorneys in San Bernardino, you can be certain your case is in excellent and expert hands when you seek representation from JML Law.

The Most Common Forms of Religious Discrimination in San Bernardino, California

As with other types of discrimination in the workplace, there are a vast array of ways in which your employer may treat you negatively due to your religion. However, in our role as expert San Bernardino lawyers, there are four types which we regularly encounter. If you experience any of these behaviors or similar, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we could provide outstanding legal guidance and support.

  1. Religious harassment – Statistics published by the FBI indicate that this is a significant problem for Jewish employees across the United States, although those of other religions, and agnostics, are also targeted. Examples of harassment may include burning or otherwise defacing religious texts, verbal or physical abuse, or using derogatory terms for members of a certain religion
  2. Religious discrimination – Although each of the examples we mention here is covered by the umbrella term “religious discrimination”, it can also be more specifically used to describe scenarios where employment, advancement, pay increases, and other benefits are denied on religious grounds
  3. Failure to accommodate – Your employer is legally obligated to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your religious requirements, including permitting facial hair, allowing lunch breaks to coincide with prayer times, and similar
  4. Imposing religious views – It is unlawful for any individual in the workplace to impose, or attempt to impose, their own religious views on another. This means that you cannot be dismissed for refusing to convert, or forced to attend a religious event

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