San Bernardino Sexual Harassment Attorney

San Bernardino Sexual Harassment Attorney

Thanks to the #MeToo movement that has swept the nation, a movement that has uncovered many inequities, everything has changed about how we view sexual harassment in the workplace. No longer are we going to allow these things to be swept under the rug. We will not stand for harassers saying their behavior is just “harmless” fun.

If you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, you have a voice and we hear it.

If you need a sexual harassment attorney in San Bernardino, JML Law is ready to fight by your side. We take this issue seriously and you can count on us to have your back through the whole process.

In The Workplace

Many people think that workplace sexual harassment is just an inconvenience and that people should brush it off. That is not the case. It is something that can affect a person’s entire career, income, and their emotional well-being. Many people who are victims feel like they are stuck in a situation they cannot get out of.

That is not true. You do have a choice and you have a voice. We want to help you speak up and call out behaviors that make you uncomfortable.

What Is Sexual Harassment

As much as 27 percent of American adult women have been sexually harassed at work. 74 percent of adults say their companies take workplace sexual harassment seriously.

That is not enough. It needs to be 100 percent.

When people think of sexual harassment, they immediately think of physical contact. If someone touches you at work and the contact is unwanted, that is sexual harassment. But often it is not the obvious things like unwanted kissing or groping. It goes beyond that. Most of the time it is more subtle behavior.

Maybe it is a coworker who always grazes against you when they walk by. Maybe they brush your hair with their hands. ANY unwanted physical contact is out of bounds and inappropriate.

“Hey, that dress really shows your curves.”

That is sexual harassment

Has a co-worker ever stood in a doorway and not let you through? Have they continually asked you out after you have made it clear the answer is no? Has a supervisor encouraged sexual favors for promotion?

That is all sexual harassment.

If It Happens To You

In the past, workplace culture has deemed this kind of behavior acceptable. To speak up about it was impossible because you could lose your job. You would be told that it is not a big deal and that the person who is doing it is a “good person.”

The “Me Too” movement that has swept across the country has shown us that the time for change is now. The movement has brought to light behaviors that were once deemed acceptable but will no longer be tolerated.

If you have been sexually harassed at work and are afraid of what to do next, we are ready to help. Contact us at JML Law by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation. Our sexual harassment attorneys in San Bernardino will make sure your voice is heard and that you are treated fairly.

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