San Bernardino Slip & Fall Attorney

San Bernardino Slip & Fall Attorney

The term “slip and fall” refers to any accident that happens due to a person slipping or tripping on a hazardous surface in any residential or commercial property which is not owned by them. All property owners in San Bernardino have a legal obligation to ensure their premises are kept clear of all potentially dangerous or hazardous conditions, including individuals, businesses, and government organizations. When you, or a loved one, have been injured in a slip and fall accident of any kind, you should contact an esteemed San Bernardino attorney immediately to discuss the most suitable way in which to proceed with your case.

At JML Law, our attorneys have years of experience in all manner of personal injury cases, meaning we are perfectly positioned for providing the legal representation needed to secure the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. When you have been injured in a San Bernardino slip and fall accident, hiring a JML Law attorney could be your best route to recovering maximum compensation.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in San Bernardino, California

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from somebody else’s home or garden, to the grocery store, or pavement. While we have been successfully handling numerous cases relating to this type of accident, some common causes we have identified include:

  1. Spilled liquid on a store floor
  2. Recently washed or waxed floors, which are slippery as a result
  3. Poorly lit walkways or parking lots
  4. Poorly maintained stairs
  5. Cracked or uneven sidewalks
  6. Uncleared ice or snow on a public sidewalk, or outside a store
  7. Obstacles or debris left on a walkway, or on the floor inside a store
  8. Poorly maintained or damaged carpeting or another flooring

We could go on endlessly but, in short, if you have tripped or slipped and fallen due to any kind of hazard or obstacle on premises owned by somebody else, you should contact a San Bernardino slip and fall accident attorney from JML Law immediately to discuss your legal options. There is a strict legal time limit imposed on filing a lawsuit relating to a slip and fall accident, so it is on your best interests to act as soon as possible.

Proving Liability Following a San Bernardino Slip and Fall Accident

When you sustain a serious injury following a slip or trip and fall accident on any premises, you will not automatically be entitled to claim compensation or monetary damages. First, you must be able to prove that the property owner was, indeed, liable for your accident through either negligence or deliberately dangerous actions. This will include proving that:

  1. The premises owner created the hazard in question
  2. The property owner knew about the hazard but did not take reasonable steps to remedy it
  3. Where the hazard was known, ample time had passed in which the owner could have taken steps to fix it

Without relevant legal experience, this can be incredibly difficult to prove, and you could cost yourself both financially and emotionally by attempting to handle matters alone.

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