San Bernardino Uber Accident Attorney

San Bernardino Uber Accident Attorney

Uber accidents are, in essence, just car accidents and, as such, an expert attorney from JML Law knows how to aggressively and comprehensively pursue the compensation you are entitled to, should you sustain serious injuries in such an incident. With our extensive legal knowledge and experience, our lawyers know how to get to the bottom of any San Bernardino Uber accident, proving liability for your accident, and recovering the compensation you are entitled to and deserve.

For a start, as long as the Uber driver involved in your accident had their app working at the time of the collision, and was either carrying a paying passenger or on their way to pick one up, your accident will be considered an Uber accident, rather than simply a car accident. The complexities of a San Bernardino Uber accident can be far beyond those of a standard car accident and should be handled by a legal expert who has the relevant experience.

At JML Law, our attorneys are ideally equipped to provide the guidance and support you require as you progress through the legal process.

Determining Liability after a San Bernardino Uber Accident

Under California law, although an accident involving an Uber is technically a car accident, there are stricter, and more specialized laws applicable. Normally, liability will automatically fall to the negligent party involved in the car accident, however, when a ridesharing service is one of the parties, they will generally be the first port of call for damages and compensation. In reality, accidents are not always as simple as having one clearly liable party, and your JML Law attorney may pursue multiple motorists and other parties for compensation in respect of the injuries and property damage you sustained.

As Uber is legally obliged to hold $1 million in insurance cover for those injured or killed in Uber accidents in San Bernardino and across California, it can prove incredibly difficult to actually recover the amounts you are entitled to. At a time where you are facing significant physical pain from your injuries, not to mention the emotional anguish and financial hardship that can afflict accident victims, the last thing you need is to shoulder the hassle and stress of chasing Uber for compensation to cover your ever-mounting medical expenses and lost earnings. Aside from the impact on your physical and mental health, you should also bear in mind that Uber has a track record of denying claims, particularly where the injured party is representing themselves.

Each of these adds up to the undeniable fact that, while you are not legally required to hire a San Bernardino Uber accident attorney, it is very much in your best interests to do so.

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When you are suffering from a head injury, broken bones, cuts, lacerations, or any other injuries likely to arise from a traffic accident, you are not in the position to successfully recover the compensation owed to you by Uber, or another responsible party.

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