San Bernardino Whistleblower Attorney

San Bernardino Whistleblower Attorney

When you work hard at your job, consistently strive to do your best, and follow all relevant processes, procedures, and compliance requirements, it can be difficult to accept that you have ended up working for a company which is less than diligent in applying the same ethical standards to their operations. You know you should not simply turn a blind eye to fraudulent transactions, poor treatment of employees, deliberately misleading shareholders, or other immoral behavior that may be commonplace, but you also know that reporting these activities could have significant and difficult consequences for you personally. However, you should be aware that there are laws in place to protect whistleblowers from any negative consequences to their drawing attention to immoral activities by their employers.

If you have reported unlawful behavior at work, only to suffer retaliation such as dismissal, harassment, or other forms of backlash, a San Bernardino whistleblower attorney from JML Law could recover compensation on your behalf. You should never be punished or penalized for acting in a responsible, moral and lawful manner.

What is Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is the common term used to describe an employee reporting illegal or immoral behavior by the company they work for, including the likes of:

  1. Contract fraud, such as deliberately overcharging
  2. Issues with wages, salaries, bonuses, and other pay-related matters
  3. Violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  4. Unacceptable levels of safety in the workplace
  5. Fraudulent billing or accounting practices
  6. False or deliberately misleading reporting
  7. Qui Tam, which is a civil lawsuit alleging fraud against federal agencies or government. If your whistleblower case falls into this category, you will be afforded additional protection and terms under the Federal False Claims Act. Your attorney will discuss this in more detail when you attend your initial consultation
  8. Failure to pay the correct amount of tax
  9. Embezzlement and/or money laundering
  10. Paying or receiving bribes or kickbacks
  11. Mortgage and/or insurance fraud
  12. Criminal acts against people either within or outside the organization

Speaking out against any of these actions, or other violations of civil or criminal state or federal laws, is the right thing to do, but your employer will not always see it from the same perspective. If you have blown the whistle on illegal or immoral behavior, only to suffer retaliation, our San Bernardino whistleblower attorneys are here to provide the comprehensive legal guidance and support you require.

How Can a San Bernardino Whistleblower Attorney Help Me

Any employee who takes steps to report and, therefore, put an end to illegal or immoral behavior in the workplace is protected from retaliation. This retaliation may involve verbal or physical harassment in the workplace, dismissal from your role, demotion, unfavorable allocation of tasks, and all manner of other adverse impacts on your working environment and, therefore, your career.

Some whistleblower cases can be more complex than others – with Qui Tam tending to require particularly careful handling – but you can rest assured that our San Bernardino lawyers can expertly and successfully handle your case from the moment you hire us.

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