San Bernardino Wrongful Death Attorney

San Bernardino Wrongful Death Attorney

If you have lost a loved one to a fatal accident, you may feel as though your entire life has been turned upside down. One moment, you had plans in place for your future together, however that may have looked, then you are suddenly forced to come to terms with the realization that they will not feature in that future, all due to somebody else’s negligent or deliberately dangerous actions. When your loved one has lost their life due to a mistake – even if they are partly at fault for the fatal accident causing their own death – a San Bernardino wrongful death attorney from JML Law could be your key to recovering the full amount of compensation and damages you deserve.

There are some common misconceptions surrounding wrongful death claims in San Bernardino and elsewhere in California so, to clear up two of the questions we most frequently hear:

  1. If the fatal accident in question was a workplace accident, it does not matter who was to blame, as the fault is not a concern
  2. Even if your loved one was partially at fault for their own fatal accident, you may still be entitled to receive compensation, although it will be reduced by the percentage of fault deemed to lie with the deceased. You should not allow this to deter you from bringing a wrongful death lawsuit if you feel you may be eligible, as the amount you recover may still be substantial, making a difference to the quality of life enjoyed by you and other dependents

Who is Eligible to Bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In San Bernardino, as in other parts of California, there are strict criteria applicable to wrongful death compensation claims. Under the relevant statute, the following relationships qualify you to file or join a lawsuit:

  1. Surviving spouse, domestic partner, and children of the deceased
  2. Where none of the above exist, a putative spouse and their children, as well as the deceased’s stepchildren and parents
  3. Finally, where there are no surviving members of the above two categories, other financial dependents of the deceased may be entitled to claim

Should you be entitled to claim, wrongful death compensation can cover a range of damages, including the following:

  1. Medical expenses incurred between the time of injury and time of death
  2. Funeral and burial expenses
  3. Loss of the earnings which the deceased could reasonable have been expected to earn over the remainder of their working life
  4. Loss of financial support
  5. Loss of consortium, companionship, affection, and similar

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A wrongful death lawsuit can be a very complex legal process, even when you discount the emotions which are bound to be running high. If you feel you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit or to join an existing one, it is strongly recommended that you hire a lawyer with significant relevant experience.

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