San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney

San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney

According to the CDC, TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury is a large notable cause of death, injury, and disability in the United States. Brain injuries are responsible for over 30 percent of all injury deaths. These injuries can last for days, weeks, or years, and even lead to death. If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury, you may be owed compensation for negligence or malpractice. Call our expert litigators at JML Law in San Francisco today at 415-692-3462 for a free case consultation.

What is a Brain Injury

By definition, a brain injury is a “brain dysfunction caused by an outside force, usually a violent blow to the head.” Brain injuries can also be caused by prescription drug overdoses (possibly because of prescription errors), malpractice by a physician in a medical setting, and assault.

The brain controls everything we do, think, say, feel, and keeps our bodies functioning. Every case is different. You or your loved one may have received this type of injury at work or through someone else’s negligence in your everyday lives. Contact JML’s professional injury attorneys to request a free consultation of your case at 415-692-3462.

What Statistics Show

  1. Around 2.8 million people sustain brain injuries annually
    1. Of these, 50,000 die
    2. 282,000 are hospitalized
    3. 2.5 million, nearly 90 percent are treated in an emergency setting or department
  2. 153 people die daily from traumatic brain injuries
  3. Direct and indirect medical costs from traumatic brain injuries are $60 billion estimated each year or more

People with brain injuries can have visible effects, physical impairments, behavioral problems, and cognitive issues. Contact JML Law attorneys at 415-692-3462 to request a free review of your case. We can advocate on your behalf for mediation, settlements, insurance coverages, consult with experts, and litigate in court. Our experienced attorneys can help clients to find better and more affordable medical care or specialists who may not charge you for treatment until your case is settled. Call JML Law today in San Francisco today at 415-692-3462 or visit our website at

Do not accept partial or undervalued settlements from insurance companies or negligent parties without first consulting a professional brain injury attorney. You should be made aware of all options and fully understand what maximum compensation you are rightfully due. You could be owed compensatory damages for:

  1. Past and/or future medical costs
  2. Past and/or future lost income
  3. Lost future earning compacity
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Long-term care needs

Here at JML Law, our client’s legal costs are covered until they are awarded compensation. Our compassionate and professional attorneys will diligently fight for all damages you are owed. We will give you peace of mind, knowing that your case is in the right hands for maximum legal settlements. Let us consult with you on your case today or schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. Do not delay. Call JML Law in San Francisco at 415-692-3462, email us, or visit our website at today.

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