As a conscientious and earnest employee in San Francisco, you should expect to be paid an honest commission when contracted with your employer. However, it is not entirely uncommon for employers who claim to be dissatisfied with their employees work or attempt to take advantage of their commissioned employees by refusing to pay them their earned commission wages. If your employer, either current or former, has not paid you the commissions you have contractually earned, call JML Law offices in San Francisco today at 415-692-3462 to speak to an attorney who specializes in commissions law. Do not concede to an employer who is trying to withhold wages you have earned. All wages and/or commissions are due within a specific time period set by law. Contact JML Law for a free consultation today.

Does California Have Laws Regarding Jobs Based On Commissions?

According to California employment law, any employer “who enters into a contract of employment involving commissions as a method of payment with an employee for services to be rendered within the state to put the contract in writing and to set forth the method by which the commissions are required to be computed and paid.” In layman’s terms, this means that under California law a contract is required between both the employee and employer for commission based work. This contract must have detailed in it exactly how commissions are to be calculated and paid. If your employer has not held up their end of the contract and has not paid you for commissions you have earned, you should legally dispute their attempt to withhold your wages. The employer should not only cover all unpaid commissions and attorney’s fees but may also be open to receiving fines and/or penalties from the state. Contact JML Law today in San Francisco at 415-692-3462. Speak with one of our attorneys today to evaluate your case and build a legal plan to recover your unpaid commissions.

Does California Have Laws To Protect Employees Who Work On Commissions?

Relying on commissions wages to provide for yourself and your loved ones is honest, gracious, and diligent work that you should be fairly compensated for. California does have laws protecting employees who rely on commissions. Employment laws in California state that, generally, your employer should pay you all wages earned on the last day of employment, unless you did not give your employer 72 hours noticer. If a 72-hour notice was not given, your employer is then given 72 hours to pay you. However, if it is unreasonable for your employer to calculate the exact commissions earned within 72 hours of the end of your employment, they must pay your commissions as soon as it is reasonably able to be calculated.

Contact JML Law in San Francisco today at 415-692-3462 to speak with an attorney and discuss what your employment rights are. You can also visit our website at to request a free consultation. If we are not successful at achieving compensation for your claim, you are not responsible for the payment of our attorney fees. Do not hesitate to contact our offices to ascertain what legal avenues you have available to recover your unlawfully withheld wages.

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