San Francisco Healthcare Law Attorney

San Francisco Healthcare Law Attorney

There are over a hundred thousand employees working in healthcare in the state of California including healthcare practitioners, healthcare support workers, and medical tech occupations.  Medical professional employers have been known to mistreat their employees and violate worker’s rights by demanding unlawful overtime, failing to pay proper wages, and having discriminatory and/or unethical workplace practices. If you are a healthcare worker and have been taken advantage of or have been mistreated by your employer, seek legal counsel immediately. Contact JML Law in San Francisco at 818-610-8800 or email us by clicking here to request a free consultation.

Employee Safety Laws And Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets the requirements and standards for all workplaces including healthcare facilities. These workplace safety requirements are implemented by employers in hospitals, hospice facilities, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare institutions. It is not uncommon for healthcare employers to try and require their employees to engage in what could be potentially hazardous situations to their health and safety. By law, you are entitled to a safe workplace. Some legal entitlements employees have are:

  1. To be trained in a language you can understand
  2. To have properly maintained and functioning machines to work on
  3. Be provided and have access to safety gear
  4. Protection from harmful chemicals
  5. Have access to workplace injury and illness logs
  6. To be provided with copies of test results performed to determine hazards in the workplace

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities in healthcare are supposed to grow by about 2.4 million jobs over the next decade. This booming industry, unfortunately, will make it easier for violations of healthcare workers’ rights to go unreported. Employers tend to have unrealistic and unethical expectations of their employees in the healthcare industry. Have you ever been asked to work 12-hour shifts or longer without breaks? Unpaid overtime? Made to work in or with insufficiently cleaned or maintained workspaces? The violation of your rights as a healthcare worker should never be allowed nor should it continue to go unchecked. Contact JML Law offices to speak with one of our Healthcare Law Attorneys who are professional litigators and experts at negotiating settlements. Call our offices in San Francisco at 818-610-8800 to request a free consultation.

Possible Repercussions And Remedies

It is a violation of the law to retaliate against any employee for exercising his or her rights in reporting illegal or unethical practices in the workplace. Any violation of anti-discrimination laws, employment laws, and/or civil rights in the workplace will open the guilty party up to possible criminal or civil lawsuits. Employers could be forced to pay punitive and compensatory fines or liquidated damages from the state of California, OSHA, and the EEOC. Possible remedies owed to the affected employee could include:

  1. Pain and suffering
  2. Medical bills
  3. Legal and attorney fees
  4. Back pay
  5. Out-of-pocket expenses

What To Do

If you are a healthcare employee in San Francisco and your employer has abused your rights, contact JML Law today at 818-610-8800 or visit our website at to request a free consultation. Our firm, with over 40 years in practice, offers our clients ethical, professional, and expert representation. If we do not win your case, we do not get compensation. Call our offices in San Francisco today for a risk-free consultation.

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