San Francisco Racial Discrimination Attorney

San Francisco Racial Discrimination Attorney

Race discrimination in the workplace happens when an employer treats one employee unfairly because he or she is of a specific race or skin color. Racial discrimination also happens to people married to or associated with a person of a different race. Federal and California laws prohibit employers from racial discrimination in any area of the employment process like pay, job assignments, benefits, or other employment conditions. If you have been racially discriminated against by your employer, seek legal consultation with a Racial Discrimination Attorney.

Contact JML Law in San Francisco to speak with an attorney with extensive knowledge and practice regarding racial discrimination in the workplace. With over 40 years of experience, our attorneys will consult with you about your case, ensure your civil and employment rights are not further disregarded, and seek all possible just legal compensation for damages owed to you by law.

San Francisco And Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

San Francisco is not immune to issues of racial discrimination in the workplace. As of 2018, city officials are still working on implementing regulations focusing on diversifying employees and broadening employment training on harassment prevention, implicit bias, and cultural communication. The annual report released by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated that over 28,500 charges were filed in 2017 against employers for racial discrimination in the United States. According to The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing “It is illegal for employers of five or more employees to discriminate against job applicants and employees because of a protected category, or retaliate against them because they have asserted their rights under the law.” Do not allow your employer to discriminate against you. Report all incidents of discrimination and seek legal counsel. Contact JML Law in San Francisco at 415-692-3462 to speak with a proficient Racial Discrimination Attorney.


In workplace discrimination cases, if won, damages could be compensatory and/or punitive. Possible compensatory damages owed could include:

  1. Lost wages
  2. Reimbursement for medical benefits
  3. Reinstatement of benefits
  4. Reinstatement of employment
  5. Court costs
  6. Attorney’s fees
  7. Damages for emotional distress

Punitive damages are fines your employer is forced to pay to the employee for violating discrimination laws.

  1. For employers with 15-100 employees, the limit is $50,000.
  2. For employers with 101-200 employees, the limit is $100,000.
  3. For employers with 201-500 employees, the limit is $200,000.
  4. For employers with more than 500 employees, the limit is $300,000

What To Do

Before filing a civil lawsuit against your employer, you must file a claim with the EEOC. An employee has roughly 300 days to file a claim of discrimination by their employer. Having an attorney who specializes in racial discrimination laws will not only give you peace of mind that all legal avenues are being handled correctly, but that all your rights are being enforced and exercised to the greatest extent the law allows. Contact JML Law in San Francisco at 415-692-3462 or click here to request a free case evaluation.

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