San Francisco Wrongful Termination Attorney

San Francisco Wrongful Termination Attorney

San Francisco adheres to the California “at-will” employment laws. An employer can terminate an employee for any reason unless otherwise stated in their employment contract or policies. However, an employer can not terminate an employee for illegal reasons outlined by law. If you have been fired or let go from your employment based on discrimination, prejudice or any other illegal reasoning, contact JML Law for counsel. Our wrongful termination attorneys will ensure your legally protected rights are not neglected and hold any guilty parties responsible. Call our offices in San Francisco today at 415-692-3462 for a free case evaluation.

Wrongful Termination

When an employer wrongfully terminates an employee, they have fired an employee for illegal reasons. Illegal reasons for termination can include discrimination, breaches of employment contracts, retaliation, exercising their legal rights, and/or termination for taking qualifying medical or personal leave. It is imperative to seek legal counsel when facing a wrongful termination claim. Do not give your employer any leeway to make your claim more difficult. Your employer will undoubtedly have legal representation and so should you. Call JML Law at 415-692-3462 to speak with a wrongful termination attorney. Our attorneys will collect testimony, investigate your allegation, and gather any and all evidence to substantiate your claim.

Possible Damages

Based on reported out-of-court settlements, the average wrongful termination case settlement is $40,000. There are varying factors that are considered when determining what damages are owed the employee and how much. Possible damages owed could be:

  1. Lost wages from unemployment
  2. Lost benefits
  3. Reimbursement for health insurance
  4. Moving expenses, if you had to move to find employment
  5. The cost of finding new employment
  6. Attorney fees and court costs
  7. Emotional trauma
  8. Punitive damages (a fine set that the employer must pay as punishment)

Your rights as an employee are federally protected and enforced. In addition to federal laws, California has its own laws regarding wrongful termination. Every case has its own unique elements and circumstances. There is a myriad of legal obstacles involved when pursuing a wrongful termination suit against an employer. Legal representation will ultimately ensure your rights are sufficiently represented and your settlement is just, fair, and the maximum allowed by law for your claim. Contact JML Law to request a free case evaluation and determine what possible legal suit you may have. Our attorneys are prepared to enforce your workers’ rights and litigate on your behalf until a fair settlement is reached.

How To Proceed

As a professional employee, there should never be any reason to expect that your employer would illegally terminate your employment. However, employers sometimes act with prejudice and animosity toward an employee for exercising their legal rights. Our attorneys at JML Law are prepared to strongly litigate for our clients whether an employer decides to settle out of court, as is the case usually, or continue litigations in court. Contact JML Law today at 415-692-3462, and let our wrongful termination attorneys seek all legal compensation owed to you for damages. We represent our clients on a contingency basis. If we are not successful at achieving a reasonable outcome, you owe nothing in attorney fees.

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