Once you have hit middle-age, you have probably had more than one conversation with friends and family of similar age about feeling as though you do not quite have as much value as you once had. Just as female employees are often discriminated against on the grounds of being likely to need maternity leave or time away from work to care for their children, workers of all genders often report their age being used against while applying for a new job, seeking promotion, and in various other aspects of working life. There is no denying that some employers will continually be on the lookout for younger and, therefore, cheaper workers but, if you are aged 40 or above, you are legally protected against discrimination based on your age. Your age means that you have worked hard, possibly for over two decades, to hone your skills and master your chosen profession, and you deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace due to your age – and are at least 40 years of age – a JML Law Woodland Hills attorney can provide the expert legal representation and guidance you require.

Common Examples of Age Discrimination in Woodland Hills

Although you may have completed discrimination training and read all manner of related information, not all instances of discrimination are as evident as the examples used while attempting to increase awareness. There are, of course, the more obvious cases where a reliable and competent employee is denied promotion, actively demoted, or has their employment terminated due to their age, but there are also countless other, more subtle cases, where you may have become the butt of jokes amongst co-workers or managers. Perhaps you have become aware that you are being denied essential training, or receiving unfair appraisals that do not reflect the true standard of your work. You may also become the victim of age-related harassment at work, or fear for your job due to a culture of constantly seeking to recruit younger individuals.

Any of these scenarios – along with various others – could be grounds for a case of age discrimination and, as such, you are urged to contact our Woodland Hills attorneys immediately when you begin to suspect that this is happening to you. Our lawyers are dedicated to assisting you throughout every stage of the legal process, ensuring we secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Why Should I Choose a JML Law Woodland Hills Age Discrimination Attorney?

In short, you are highly unlikely to receive a favorable outcome from your discrimination lawsuit without expert legal representation. Your employer will undoubtedly attempt to claim that your dismissal, demotion, or other negative treatment occurred for a genuine reason, and you need the skills of an esteemed attorney to prove otherwise. From the moment you attend your initial consultation to the time when your settlement is received, our Woodland Hills attorneys will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

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