Woodland Hills Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Attorney

Woodland Hills Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Attorney

Nobody likes to think that they or their children will fall victim to child abuse or sexual assault, but sadly, it is a very real part of life for all too many people. At JML Law, our attorneys have successfully litigated against family members who have abused or assaulted victims, as well as organizations such as schools, religious organizations, daycare facilities, athletic organizations, sports clubs, healthcare and medical providers, and more. We understand that child abuse and sexual assault are both very traumatic experiences, and we promise to handle your case with the sensitivity and compassion you deserve.

Through combining expert witness testimony with significant evidence, your Woodland Hills child abuse and sexual assault attorney will do their utmost to hold your abuser accountable for their actions and ensure that you receive adequate compensation in respect of the physical and emotional turmoil you have been subjected to. Your life as a whole is likely to be affected by the abuse, and we are passionate about holding the perpetrator responsible.

Child Abuse And Sexual Assault – It Is Time To Fight Back

Many victims of child abuse and sexual assault feel ashamed about their experiences as if they were somehow to blame. There is no reason for you or your child to feel responsible – you did nothing to deserve this treatment, and nobody but the perpetrator is to blame. When you hire one of our child abuse and sexual assault lawyers, you can be sure that you will receive the guidance and support you need throughout the legal process, including the emotional side of facing your past trauma.

Child abuse and sexual assault are far more widespread than you may believe, with recent statistics from RAINN illustrating that:

  1. Child protection services find evidence to substantiate a claim of child sexual abuse every 8 minutes
  2. An average of 63,000 children are victims of reported sexual abuse each year
  3. 66% of child sexual abuse victims are aged between 12 and 17
  4. 82% of sexual assault victims under 18 are female
  5. 93% of child sexual assault perpetrators are known to their victim, with 80% being a parent of the child
  6. Although reported instances of sexual assault are declining, the average number of reports each year includes:
    1. 80,600 cases of sexual assault by prison inmates.
    2. 63,000 child sexual assault cases.
    3. 321,500 instances of sexual assault or abuse against members of the general public.
    4. 18,900 cases involving serving members of the military.

As these figures show, sexual assault and child abuse can affect people in any walk of life and, no matter what your circumstances, are never acceptable.

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The law does not look favorably upon perpetrators of child abuse and sexual assault, and at JML Law, our attorneys are dedicated to getting justice for you. Whether you were abused by a family member, coach, religious leader, or somebody else, you are entitled to recover compensation and monetary damages.

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