Due to the excellent weather in Woodland Hills, coupled with stunning Californian scenery, motorcycles are an increasingly popular mode of transport. During the past few years, more and more Woodland Hills residents have been purchasing motorcycles, ready to take to the open roads with the wind blowing through their hair. Of course, as responsible motorcycle riders always wear a helmet, the comment about the wind in your hair is just a figure of speech and not a recommendation! As the number of motorcycles on the roads increases, so too does the number of motorcycle accidents. While you can never be fully prepared for an accident while using your motorcycle to travel through Woodland Hills and beyond, you can ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome from any resulting lawsuit, by hiring an expert attorney from JML Law.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You After a Woodland Hills Motorcycle Accident

According to the statistics, there has been a steady upward trend in the frequency of Woodland Hills motorcycle accidents since 2012, and this shows no signs of abating. Motorcycle accidents tend to result in devastating injuries, as a motorcyclist’s body stands little chance against a fast-moving car, SUV, or truck. No matter how skilled you are, you cannot prevent other motorists from behaving negligently or dangerously so, therefore, can never eradicate the risk, as the following statistics illustrate.

  1. 11,780 motorcycle riders were injured on California roads in 2013
  2. 3,509 of these motorcycle accidents occurred in Los Angeles County
  3. Around 5,000 bikers across the United States die in motorcycle accidents each year
  4. Motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely, per mile traveled, to be injured in an accident than a car driver is
  5. August is statistically the deadliest month for Woodland Hills motorcycle accidents
  6. Head and brain injuries account for 30% of all motorcycle accident-related deaths

When you hire a JML Law attorney to handle your case following a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident, we will work tirelessly to gather all information and evidence required to prove that the responsible party was to blame and, as such, should pay the compensation you deserve.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Woodland Hills, and What Injuries Are Inflicted

The most commonly reported injuries inflicted upon motorcyclists by traffic accidents tend to include:

  1. Head injuries
  2. Traumatic brain injuries
  3. Leg and foot injuries, including fractures, lacerations and amputation
  4. Internal organ damage

As for why these motorcycle accidents occur, did you know that in around two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents, another motorist was at fault? Common causes of traffic accidents include:

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Aggressive or reckless driving, including road rage
  3. Improper turning or lane changes
  4. Driving while intoxicated
  5. Driving at excessive speed
  6. Failure to yield
  7. Failure to comply with traffic signals or signage

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