We should all be able to trust in the police force to protect us but, unfortunately, there have been too many cases where the opposite is true. If you live in or near Woodland Hills, you are sure to be familiar with the various allegations of police misconduct and brutality which have been brought against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and other California law enforcement agencies. Although the majority of police and law enforcement officers are dedicated to ensuring the public is safe and criminals are prosecuted for their actions, all too often a rogue officer is found guilty of brutality, police misconduct, or a similar offense.

At JML Law, our Woodland Hills police misconduct and shooting attorneys are passionate about protecting your legal rights and ensuring that the LAPD, and other law enforcement agencies, are reminded that they are not above the law, and can be held accountable for their actions. If you have a police misconduct and shooting case which you would like to discuss with an expert attorney, call us today on 818-610-8800.

What to Do if You Are Affected by Police Misconduct or Shooting in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

At JML Law our attorneys know that any situation involving police misconduct can have devastating consequences. While we recognize that most law enforcement personnel do their jobs with great integrity there are always exceptions.

For the protection of citizens, there are laws and codes of ethics that have been set in place to prevent any of these situations from happening. JML lawyers provide victims with a no-cost review of the claim if you or someone you know has fallen victim to police misconduct. All information shared with JML attorneys is kept confidential. Should there be any further questions or concerns, JML Law Firm is happy to discuss any further legal action.

Who Can File a Police Misconduct Complaint?

The following can file a police misconduct complaint:

  1. Victims of police misconduct can file a claim since a majority of the time they are those who feel as if they were treated rudely, with excessive force, or subjected to sexual misconduct. Victims have rights as it pertains to any unlawful arrest or abuse of power by law enforcement personnel.
  2. Witnesses of the misconduct have every right to step forward. This is also applicable to all types of alleged misconduct by an officer. As always, information regarding the claim remains confidential.
  3. Friends and/or relatives of police misconduct can also file a complaint. It is the duty of friends and relatives to come forward for any information that warrants investigation.

How to File a Police Misconduct Complaint

JML law offices help with all necessary paperwork when a police misconduct investigation begins. JML attorneys have worked with many professional agencies throughout the state of California who is sure to thoroughly evaluate all claims.

When you commence the misconduct complaint you will need to provide all of the following information to a JML attorney:

  1. A detailed account of what happened/when the incident took place
  2. Account of all parties involved- if possible provide names of both victims and police officers
  3. A general account of what was done or said during the incident
  4. List of all witnesses to the alleged misconduct
  5. Any type of physical injury or damage that resulted from the misconduct.
  6. The type of outcome you are seeking as the victim

When JML lawyers have collected this information, they can then begin investigating. You or the victim will be contacted to answer further questions or provide additional information if required.

The Difference Between a Civil or Criminal Case

You or the victim can expect to hear from a JML attorney whenever there are any changes in the case status. There are differences between civil and criminal cases which are as follows: if an officer is found to have acted inappropriately a criminal case will be filed by authorities. Evidence in a criminal case must establish proof beyond reasonable doubt that the misconduct took place.

On the other hand, a civil case is filed against a government authority or other type of law enforcement if the evidence is overwhelming. If the situation calls for a civil case, it can also seek to change departmental rules that may have contributed to the misconduct.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, and go against everything you were taught as a child, if you have fallen victim to a rogue or unscrupulous police officer, our Woodside Hills lawyers advise that you:

  1. Do not contact or inform the police
  2. Do not give a statement to any police officer or law enforcement official
  3. Do not plead guilty to any crime, no matter how unrelated it may seem

Instead, you should contact us and secure the legal representation of an outstanding Woodland Hills police misconduct and shooting attorney immediately. As the police control the evidence, it can be very difficult to prove a case of police misconduct beyond all reasonable doubt, however, JML Law attorneys have successfully achieved this in numerous cases. We will do everything in our power to hold the responsible police officers accountable for their actions, and the misconduct they engaged in. In addition to protecting your legal rights and reminding police officers of their duty to maintain composure and professionalism at all times while protecting members of the public, we will seek maximum compensation for the police brutality, excessive force, or another form of police misconduct or shooting you were subjected to.

Entrust Your Police Misconduct and Shooting Lawsuit to an Outstanding Woodland Hills Attorney

When a lawsuit is filed against a police department or municipality, you can be certain that the best possible legal team is immediately assembled to defend against it. Add to this the likelihood that the police officers involved could tamper with or destroy evidence, and you have an incredibly complex case on your hands. At JML Law, we take pride in never shying away from a difficult case. No matter how complex it gets, you can rely on your police misconduct and shooting attorney to doggedly pursue your legal rights and the compensation you deserve. For a free initial consultation with an esteemed Woodland Hills police misconduct and shooting attorney, call us today on 818-610-8800.

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