Woodland Hills Racial Discrimination Attorney

Woodland Hills Racial Discrimination Attorney

While you may think that humanity has developed enough to know that racial discrimination is not acceptable, the truth is that there is still very much a need for state and federal laws protecting Woodland Hills workers against it. Despite being illegal – and unthinkable to most of us – employees in the region are frequently discriminated against due to their national origin, skin color, facial hair, and other features that can easily be identified as distinct from a particular race. Should you find yourself in this difficult scenario, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act provides legal protection against racial discrimination.

If you or a loved one has been discriminated against, a Woodland Hills racial discrimination attorney from JML Law can ensure you receive the justice and the compensation you deserve.

Common Types Of Racial Discrimination In Woodland Hills

According to a recent survey, 43% of US employees have seen or experienced racism at work. While most of us are more than aware that racial discrimination is commonplace both in and out of work, proving an offense against you can be difficult. You may be able to prove that you were rejected for a certain vacancy, dismissed from your role, or unsuccessful in securing a promotion, transfer, or pay increase. However, making it indisputable that this happened because of your race can be an arduous process. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal representation from an experienced discrimination attorney immediately.

Some of the racial discrimination cases we have successfully handled include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Denial of a pay increase was awarded to a co-worker with equal qualifications but a different race.
  2. Advancement opportunities are being offered only to co-workers of a certain race.
  3. Racially charged or motivated comments or jokes.
  4. Racial segregation in the workplace.
  5. Offering a lower rate of pay to new hires of certain races.
  6. Termination or dismissal.

It is nearly impossible to record the exact moment the racial discrimination against you took place, making our experience and skills invaluable while building your case. When you hire a JML Law attorney to handle your lawsuit, you can expect us to:

  1. Prove your belonging to a protected class.
  2. Demonstrate the adverse impact this had on your treatment at work.
  3. Illustrate the presence of racial discrimination.
  4. Utilize all available evidence, both direct and statistical.

How Can A Woodland Hills Racial Discrimination Lawyer Help

The success of a racial discrimination claim largely depends on the talent and expertise of your attorney. At JML Law, decades of courtroom wins and settlements have taught us how to overcome common challenges in cases of workplace racial discrimination.

The burden of proof rests on the employee, meaning if you feel you have suffered racial discrimination, you are responsible for supplying evidence. JML Law understands this can be a daunting task, depending on whether the circumstances are direct or indirect forms of racial discrimination.

Direct Discrimination Or Disparate Treatment

Direct discrimination provides obvious and undeniable evidence. This may be a text message singling out a race for limited job opportunities, a workplace email explicitly stating an unwillingness to hire individuals of a particular race, or a video capturing a manager’s desire to terminate a worker’s employment due to their race.

It is very rare to obtain evidence of direct discrimination.

Indirect Discrimination Or Disparate Impact

Indirect discrimination is far more pervasive; however, it can be significantly more difficult to prove. Your case must consult with a Woodland Hills racial discrimination lawyer to protect your rights and achieve justice.

Proving indirect discrimination requires attention to detail and the use of correlating statistical evidence. A company may institute a policy that benefits most employees but excludes those of a particular race.

For example, suppose an existing union is comprised of white members only. If they institute a policy that an existing member must sponsor new members, the courts may find that they are actively discriminating against those of other races.

At JML Law, we have resources and a network of experts that can help prove complex cases of racial discrimination.

Filing A Workplace Discrimination Complaint

In California, all employees who have experienced racial discrimination must first exhaust all administrative means to resolve the issue. An employee is required to go through a lengthy complaint process through the Department of Fair Employment & Housing.

However, if you contact one of our dedicated attorneys first, we may be able to file your complaint with the DFEH and obtain an immediate right-to-sue notice. If you are the victim of racial discrimination, contact JML Law today. We can pursue your claim without waiting for the administrative process first.

Why Choose California’s JML Law To Represent Your Racial Discrimination Case

The esteemed attorneys of JML Law are experienced, skilled trial lawyers. Versatile and innovative, our talented litigation team has helped victims of racial discrimination for over 40 years.

JML Law’s racial discrimination attorneys in Woodland Hills provide our clients with superior representation by;

  1. Utilizing decades of expertise and resources to maximize compensation for losses and damages.
  2. Providing representation on a contingency fee basis – No upfront attorney fees.
  3. Obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Speak to one of our dedicated discrimination lawyers today.

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JML Law’s legal experts all believe that racial discrimination is unacceptable and those responsible should be held accountable.

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