Woodland Hills Religious Discrimination Attorney

Woodland Hills Religious Discrimination Attorney

The religion you practice and how you choose to practice it is your business and yours alone. Just as nobody likes having another person’s religious beliefs foisted upon them, nor do any of us like being told that our religion, or lack of religion, is somehow wrong. It is never acceptable to judge someone on their religion, nor to treat them differently because of it. Still, despite this and the laws put in place to protect workers from religious discrimination, it continues to happen frequently in both Woodland Hills and beyond. If you have been treated differently at work due to your religion, perhaps in terms of being denied promotion or a pay increase or failing to secure a particular role in the first place, you could have a case for religious discrimination. Similarly, a JML Law attorney could help if your employer attempts to force you to follow a certain religion or ban your religious dress or facial hair from the workplace.

Religious discrimination is unlawful under California law and the Civil Rights Act; aside from that, we firmly believe that our individuality should be celebrated. When you require the services of an outstanding Woodland Hills religious discrimination attorney, call us today at 818-610-8800.

How Do I Know If Behavior Was Really Religious Discrimination

It is not uncommon for victims of religious discrimination or other forms of harassment or discrimination to doubt themselves. Many people in your situation can tend to minimize the behavior, believing the harasser who tries to laugh it off as a joke or the employer who offers a flimsy excuse for rejecting another application for advancement. If you suspect that you are affected by religious discrimination, we would urge you to contact us and discuss your circumstances with one of our esteemed lawyers.

The various types of possible religious discrimination include:

  1. Religious harassment – While those belonging to the Jewish faith are statistically most susceptible to religious harassment, making up 70% of all cases investigated by the FBI, any faith or a lack of religion could also become a target.
  2. Failure to accommodate religious requirements – Your employer is legally obligated to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your religion, such as allowing you to move lunch breaks to fit in with prayer times.
  3. Imposing religious views – It is forbidden for an employer, manager, supervisor, or another person in the workplace to impose, or attempt to impose, their own religious views on another.
  4. Religious discrimination – in addition to encompassing these examples, can be more specifically used to describe scenarios where employment, advancement, pay increases, and other benefits are denied on religious grounds.

Entrust Your Religious Discrimination Case To A Skilled Woodland Hills Attorney Today

Suffering discrimination can be difficult, but tackling the issue need not be. To learn more about how our lawyers could assist in your individual case, call JML Law today at 818-610-8800 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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