8 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Need More Rest

By: JML Law | October 14, 2017.
8 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Need More Rest

A truck accident is arguably the worst thing that can happen to you on the streets of Los Angeles. In fact, truck accidents can get messy in any city in our nation, given the mammoth size of the vehicle and the staggering amount of cargo they carry.

Did you know that more than 3.5 million drivers are employed in the U.S. trucking industry?

The truck driver is officially the most hazardous job out there, and yet most truck drivers are underpaid.

This prompts truck drivers to carry cargo way above the legal weight restrictions to save time and/or sacrifice their sleep to get from point A to point B as soon as possible and get moving with the next task.

That means millions of sleepy and unsatisfied with their jobs truck drivers get behind the wheel of their trucks to carry heavy cargo all across the nation every day.

This does sound dangerous if you ask me. It’s hardly a surprise that nearly half a million (!!!) collisions involving trucks occur in the U.S. every year.

In Los Angeles alone, there were nearly 9,000 collisions involving large trucks last year. Many of these collisions were caused by sleep deprivation of truck drivers, which brings us to these 8 reasons why truck drivers need more rest.

Truck drivers are hungry, too

As of the day of this publication, California law obliges truck drivers to take a 30-minute meal break within the first five hours on shift. Another break is required after five more hours of work.

Some truck drivers complain it’s not enough time to eat, which is why they oftentimes end up either (1) eating while driving, which can cause a car accident as the driver is distracted, or (2) suppressing their hunger and as a result experience frustration or anger.

Angry or reckless is one of the most common causes of road collisions.

However, the current requirements for truck drivers are standing on thin ice, as there is a new provision in Washington that calls for the exemption of truck drivers who drive across Los Angeles and California from the state’s meal and rest requirements.

Under current state law in Los Angeles, truck drivers are also required to take a paid 10-minute rest break every four hours on the road.

If the provision is passed and truck drivers in California are exempt from the state’s requirements, drivers will have to take one 30-minute break in their first eight hours of the shift.

Reasons why truck drivers need more rest

Additional rest periods can minimize the risk of truck accidents on the roads of California, as during these rest periods truck drivers can:

  1. eat, thus eliminating hunger and the need to eat while driving;
  2. drink water and coffee, keeping themselves  hydrated and more concentrated and energized thanks to caffeine;
  3. make sure the cargo is securely in place;
  4. conduct additional inspections of the truck;
  5. use the restroom along the route, thus eliminating the need to speed to get to the point B faster;
  6. let their eyes rest from looking at the road for hours;
  7. improve circulation in the body by walking around instead of staying seated behind the wheel;
  8. check their map to make sure they’re headed the right way.

These and many other reasons why drivers need more rest can dramatically eliminate most risk factors associated with truck accidents.

However, only a handful of truck drivers actually follow these regulations and recommendations, which is why truck accidents are so prevalent in Los Angeles.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, make sure you consult our experienced truck accident attorney before communicating with a truck company.

These fellas will attempt to minimize your compensation at all costs. Call JML Law at 818-610-8800 to get a free initial consultation and let our attorney provide you with the best legal representation.

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