Auto-Insurance Reform 2018 and What It Means for Car Drivers

By: JML Law | November 30, 2017.
Auto-Insurance Reform 2018 and What It Means for Car Drivers

Practices at insurance companies have never been particularly fair toward car drivers, but U.S. lawmakers are trying to make them even more disorderly and unfair.

Earlier this month, Michigan tried to pass an auto insurance reform that could introduce some disturbing provisions in the state. As said by local lawmakers who voted against the bill, the bill failed to address the issue of insurance agents having the freedom to look at your credit score to determine rates.

While insurance companies have been under fire for engaging in this unfair practice for years, the bill could also give insurance agents more decision-making power than medical professionals.

The bill would lower insurance premiums long-term and Personal Injury Protection, but this could backfire a few years from now if the rate would go back up, lawmakers argued.

What you should know about auto insurance laws in Los Angeles

As of the end of November, car drivers in Los Angeles do not have to worry about similar auto insurance reforms in the city.

However, our car accident attorneys here at JML Law say that even without new reforms, many Los Angeles motorists are unaware of the existing California laws regulating auto insurance companies and their practices.

That’s why our experienced car accident lawyers have put together a list of the most important things you should know about your auto insurance laws in Los Angeles.

Fact: Californian law requires all Los Angeles residents whose cars are registered in California to have car insurance.

Proving liability in a car accident that took place in Los Angeles is different from other states of our country. Los Angeles and the rest of California use a system of pure comparative negligence to determine liability in car accidents and other accidents caused by negligence.

Under the system, each car driver, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian who is even partly at fault for an accident or injury is liable for his/her share of the fault.

Some insurance companies tend to use this system to their own advantage in order to minimize the cost of car accident claims. In order to prevent this and other unfair practices by your auto insurer, seek the legal advice of a Los Angeles car accident attorney in case of a traffic accident.

Although in order to recover compensation for your injuries and damages you have to file a car insurance claim with your or the other party’s insurance company, never do it without hiring a car accident lawyer to assess the full value of damages.

If you go straight to your insurer to assess the damage in a car accident, you will most likely become a victim of a biased investigation on the part of your insurance company to reduce the cost of your claim. Remember: no auto insurance company is willing to give out its money like candy.

While in some cases proving liability for a car accident is an easy task – largely because many car drivers responsible for road crashes in Los Angeles admit their fault – many insurance claims require an independent and thorough investigation to determine liability.

Here at JML Law, our Los Angeles insurance attorneys with over 35 years of experience have helped victims of car accidents and unfair insurance claim practices to hold responsible parties liable for their damages and injuries.

Our skilled lawyers look for a wide range of evidence when conducting an investigation: on-site evidence at the scene of the car crash, witness accounts, CCTV footage from nearby buildings, police reports, photographs from the scene, medical reports, and more.

Get in touch with JML Law to get our team of experienced car accident attorneys to start working on your case and launch an unbiased investigation to maximize your compensation. Call our offices at 818-610-8800 today or send an email to get a free initial consultation.

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