How bad are the consequences of a hit and run accident?

By: JML Law | July 21, 2017.

Hit and run accidents are serious traffic offenses. Some people think leaving the scene of the accident is the best way to deal with the whole situation but it’s actually not. Victims of such car accidents should seek immediate medical assistance and contact a Los Angeles hit and run lawyer to protect their rights. It’s the best approach to seeking compensation for all your losses and injuries sustained in the accident.

California law

The laws in California are very specific about hit and run scenarios. Anybody involved in one of these types of accidents needs to stop immediately as long as it doesn’t disrupt traffic. This is particularly true when the accident caused damages. The person that caused the damages must notify the owner and provide personal information as well as insurance information. If there is nobody to notify, leave a note on the car with your contact info and call the police. Hit and runs are more than crashing into a someone’s vehicle. Whether a pet, lamp post, stop sign, or someone’s property, it’s someone else’s property and it must be repaired. Unfortunately, many people don’t call the police or leave their personal info in such scenarios.

Common hit and run accidents

These are common examples of hit and run accidents that cause property damage:

  1. When someone makes a right turn and scrapes the bumper of the car in front yet keeps driving like nothing ever happened.
  2. Using someone’s driveway and hitting their mailbox. The driver doesn’t knock on the door or leave a note with info to cover for the damages.
  3. When someone speeding hits a dog and moves the animal to the side of the road without notifying authorities about the incident.

Hit and run cases are complex. There are times when you can be charged with a hit and run even when it was clearly not your fault. This is why the legal representation of a Los Angeles hit and run lawyer is so crucial in these types of circumstances.


Hit and run accidents involved accidents that involve damages to someone’s property are classified as misdemeanors in the state of California. Individuals convicted of such crimes can face up to 6 months in jail, pay up to $ 1,000 in fines, and may have to pay restitution for the damages caused. Also, having a criminal record may interfere in future job opportunities. For example, if you need a commercial driver’s license or would like to apply for a job as a delivery person, your chances may be ruined by these records. Since a hit and run conviction is already 2 points in your driving records, two more points and your license is suspended.

Contact a Los Angeles hit and run lawyer

A Los Angeles hit and run lawyer can provide the trusted representation you need during these difficult times. We are here to handle all the details of your case and ensure a successful outcome. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

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