Brain Injury: What Amounts to Negligence in High School Football?

By: JML Law | November 4, 2017.
Brain Injury: What Amounts to Negligence in High School Football?

Every high school football player has heard about and is aware of the devastating consequences of sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can leave permanent damage and are prevalent in not only football but also basketball, soccer, hockey, and other impact sports.

Not only can it lead to short or long-term memory loss, impaired hearing, vision, and inability to focus, but also cause death. In fact, about 50,000 people die from brain injuries every year in the U.S. alone.

In Riverside, dozens of thousands of boys and young adults play football, dreaming of playing for Los Angeles Rams one day. And each and every one of them is at significant risk of getting a brain injury, as playing football is one of the most common causes of TBIs in the U.S.

Fact: 1.7 million people become victims of TBI every year in our country.
Fact #2: TBIs account for about a third of all deaths related to injuries in the U.S.

Most brain injuries require thousands of dollars in medical bills to recover, while others, sadly, are practically impossible to recover from and lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Here at JML Law, our Riverside sports injury attorneys treat every client like family. From our extensive experience, we realize that suffering a sports-related brain injury can be frustrating, which is why we’re determined to thoroughly review your case and help you earn the compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

How to get compensation for football-related brain injury

Many football players who suffer from football-related brain injuries don’t have enough money to pay all the medical bills for the costly TBI treatment in Riverside.

That’s why it’s imperative to seek medical attention and document everything, and in the meantime hire a sports injury attorney to investigate your particular case to establish the compensation value for your injury claim and hold the responsible party liable for your TBI.

You have no time to waste with sports-related brain injuries.
Our sports injury attorneys at JML Law are oftentimes asked, “Are you entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other damages if your brain injury was undetected?”
And the answer is, “if you have sufficient evidence that the brain injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can hold that individual(s) liable for your brain damage.”

However, mild head injuries that go undetected may be quite challenging to investigate and litigate, as it’s unclear when exactly it occurred and what caused it.

In many cases, however, the mere fact that the brain injury sufferer is a professional or semi-professional football player can be enough to prove that it’s a sports-related injury and start a case.

What is negligence in sports-related brain injuries

In order to get compensation for a brain injury as well as all the damages associated with it, your sports injury attorney must investigate your case and prove that the injury was the result of the negligence of others:

  1. lack of qualified medical personnel on staff
  2. failure to detect a brain injury by medical personnel on staff
  3. failure to remove the player from the game if he/she manifested clear signs of injury
  4. unmaintained fields or courts that result in falls and injuries
  5. defective or poorly maintained sports/gym equipment
  6. inadequate supervision or coaching.

These factors usually lead to sports-related injuries, including brain injuries, when playing high school football.

JML Law cooperates with sports medicine experts to provide our clients with speedy treatment and rehabilitation as well as to document and assess the total compensation sum of your damages.

Call JML Law at 818-610-8800 to get a free initial consultation about your particular case.

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