Can You Sue The Gym When Injured?

By: JML Law | August 25, 2017.
Can You Sue The Gym When Injured?

Good workouts can sometimes become very costly, particularly when injuries are involved. But what happens when you get injured at the gym? How can you recover these damages? The first thought that comes to mind is suing the gym. But gyms are not always responsible for your injuries. Most gym owners protect themselves from these types of scenarios with liability waivers. In other words, it all depends on the terms of your contract. A Riverside premise liability attorney would be able to tell you in more detail how much is your case worth.

Gym Liability Waivers

Most gyms require you to sign a liability waiver. If you do heavy lifting or exercise often, you may get injured so the gym owner wants to make sure you are aware that they are not responsible for any injuries you sustained in their premises. The typical waivers are:

  1. When the gym is free from all liability for any injuries sustained in the property. Some of these waivers are too general so your attorney may be able to challenge them in court.
  2. This is when employees are negligent and the negligence causes the injury.
  3. Reckless or intentional conduct that caused the injuries.

It all depends on your contract. These terms will determine if you can sue the gym for the injuries sustained in the accident. There are some particular scenarios that may work in your favor. For instance, you may have a case if there was faulty equipment and the gym owner did nothing to fix it. Gym owners are responsible to warn members about these dangerous conditions. When they fail to create a safe environment, they may become liable for any injuries gym members sustained while at their premises.

Your Premise Liability Claim

Anybody that uses the gym facilities should feel safe at all times. Premises liability laws specifically make gym owners responsible for any dangers present in their property. Sometimes employees are not aware of the condition. Even in such cases, the gym owner may be held liable for the accident after the property is thoroughly inspected. So it’s important you check your contract before you sign. You can always call an attorney when things get out of hand.

Can I Cancel My Gym Membership

Unfortunately, after you sign your contract there is no much you can do about it except if you file a lawsuit. However, some evidence may be required:

  1. When the employee lies about what’s offered in the gym or makes false promises.
  2. When the terms in the contract are illegal.
  3. If you have become ill. It’s not good to sue in this case as it may cost you more than continuing paying your regular membership.

Contact a Riverside premise liability attorney

If you have been involved in an accident at the gym, seek prompt medical attention and contact one of our experienced attorneys. We need to investigate the circumstances of your case and find out who is truly liable for your injuries.

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