February 22, 2019

There is nothing more traumatic than death. It is the final stage in someone’s life if they are lucky enough to experience all the other phases like being a child, a teenager, young adult, middle age, old age, and all the experiences that typically go along with those phases getting a job you enjoy or falling in love and starting a family. Sometimes these phases get cut short and someone you love passes on without completing their current phase. For example, a young child gets killed and will never experience the joys of being a teenager or falling in love for the first time. The parents are left wondering what their child would have been like during those formative years. Or in the case of a woman and her four children, the children are the ones left wondering what their lives would be like if their mother was still around.

The Tragic Story

On an early summer’s day, a mother and her four children were driving in Long Beach when they were struck by a 25-year-old who was driving a Cherokee Jeep through a red light. The crash was head-on with the mother and her children who were driving a Ford Expedition. The Jeep didn’t stop, though, and crashed into two other cars, a Kia Optima and a GMC Yukon. The Ford Expedition kept moving until it was stopped by running into a light pole. The 37-year-old mother, who was driving her four children, was found in critical condition and later died while in the hospital. The children were thankfully in good condition. The crash resulted in injuries to multiple parties as well as one fatality.

These kinds of accidents happen on a regular basis. They are tragic and unforgettable. They lead to deaths that are too soon for a person’s life. They lead to children losing their mothers thus altering their futures forever. The news story did not provide an ending of the story. It did not provide information on arrests or who was to blame. Instead, they asked for more information from anyone who may have seen the accident. Unfortunately, not all streets are equipped with cameras, but that doesn’t mean that fault can’t be found.

What To Do

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