Dealing With False Accusations at Work

By: JML Law | September 8, 2017.
Dealing With False Accusations at Work

Some people facing false accusations at work may feel devastated and that there is no way out of this difficult situation. The availability of instant technology seems to complicate things further as more people may have access to false information. If this is you, make sure you seek the best legal approach to handle your adverse circumstances. Don’t allow anyone to ruin your reputation and hire an experienced Los Angeles defamation attorney.

The impact of false accusations

A false accusation is any false statement made by a coworker or another individual related to your work. For instance, someone may accuse you of stealing information from the company or office supplies. These false accusations can dampen your morale and cause much emotional distress. Depending on the severity of your circumstances, you can seek the legal advice of a Los Angeles defamation attorney to help you determine whether or not you have a case.

Gathering evidence

In order to confront false accusations, you will first have to gather sufficient evidence to banish the fallacious statements. Perhaps you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment but there were some coworkers present when the incident occurred. Ask these individuals to talk to the supervisor and confirm these statements are false. Don’t ignore the situation, as it may only get worse.

Remain calm

It is easy to get upset after hearing a false accusation from the lips of someone you considered your coworker. Don’t take it personally. Try to remain calm and don’t say things you may regret later on since they can be used against you in court. It’s the employer’s job to investigate the circumstances and ensure a safe work environment free from hostility. Remember circumstances involving false statements are very common in the workplace. Contact your attorney if you see that things don’t get any better.

Review the company’s policies

You must check the company’s handbook and make sure you understand how the company handles false accusations. Perhaps there are certain steps you are required to take in order to address the issue. The company may require you to gather emails or any other available information with details about what happened and how often it has been happening.

Defamation law

Defamation is unlawful since employees have the legal right to a good name. You can use a defamer based on defamation laws in the state of California. In order to bring a lawsuit, you must prove that the false statements meet certain requirements. For example, someone else other than you and the defamer must know about the accusation. The statements must be untrue and cause harm such as losing a job.

Privileged statements

This is when you have to be careful. Some people may be allowed to make certain statements, and the law protects them. For example, statements made during a lawsuit are considered privileged, even when they are not true. Another example is when an employer evaluates an employee and says things that aren’t true about his or her performance. Although the statements are false, the employer is free to express their opinion.

Contact an attorney

After doing everything you can, there is only one thing left to do. Reach out to a local attorney who understands the legal aspects of your circumstances. If your employer or a coworker made false accusations intentionally, you may be able to file a defamation lawsuit.

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