A Deputy Caused Crashed Did Not Result in Injuries, but What Could Have Happened?

By: JML Law | January 22, 2018.
A Deputy Caused Crashed Did Not Result in Injuries, but What Could Have Happened?

An incident on Friday 19th January saw two adults and one child rescued from their truck after a collision with a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies’ patrol SUV. The deputies were in pursuit of a suspected stolen vehicle in the area, when their SUV struck the side of the truck, causing it to roll onto its side. Thankfully, none of the occupants were injured, but the situation could have been considerably worse.

Typical Car Accidents in Los Angeles

As any car accident attorney in Los Angeles will tell you, three occupants escaped unhurt from a toppled truck isn’t typical. Whether the collision involved a high-speed police chase or a momentary lapse in attention, perhaps when moving out of a parking spot, the injuries can be severe, and even fatal. A truck turning onto its side after a crash would normally result in at least minor injuries. As anyone who’s been involved in a car accident may know, even minor injuries can require time off work, loss of earnings, and ongoing issues.

While the man, woman, and child involved in this particular incident appeared only to suffer from shock, some of the most common car accident injuries include:

  1. Cuts and bruises
  2. Broken bones
  3. Brain injury
  4. Fractures
  5. Internal injuries
  6. Concussion
  7. Back and neck injuries

If the accident involved a head-on collision, chances are the injuries will be towards the more severe end of the scale. Thankfully, only around 2% of car accidents, both in Los Angeles and further afield, are head-on. However, your injuries were caused, a good car accident attorney can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Aside from your injuries, and the damage to your vehicle, the costs of a car accident can be more than you may expect. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills involved as you recover, and it’s not unusual for this to be a very conservative estimate. Would you be able to keep working in your job if you were seriously injured in a car accident?  You don’t just need any car accident attorney who happens to be based in the Los Angeles area – you need an outstanding, experienced car accident attorney.

Car Accidents in Los Angeles and How an Attorney Can Help

Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons but, particularly with the more serious ones, there are a few common factors. As Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we see the effects of:

  1. Driving while fatigued
  2. Distracted driving
  3. Drunken driving (DUI)
  4. Adverse weather conditions
  5. Bad road conditions
  6. Reckless driving
  7. Passing improperly
  8. Ignoring signals or signs, or violating other traffic rules

If you’ve sustained injuries, of whatever severity, in any kind of car accident, our experienced attorneys could help you achieve the best possible outcome. Using our extensive skillsets, we’ll determine liability, collect any evidence that may be relevant to your case, and negotiate with the insurance companies involved to maximize the compensation you receive.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, contact our Los Angeles car accident attorneys on 818-610-8800 today.

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