Are You Being Discriminated Against Just Because You’re a Millennial?

By: JML Law | March 16, 2018.
Are You Being Discriminated Against Just Because You’re a Millennial?

Discrimination is no laughing matter and can have a devastating effect on the lives of victims, regardless of how light-hearted the perpetrator thinks their “jokes”, comments, and actions are. As Los Angeles discrimination attorneys, we regularly provide legal representation to those who have been demoted, denied promotions, or otherwise unfairly treated at work due to discrimination. Under current legislation, anti-discrimination protection applies to sex, gender identity, religion, race, age, origin, and similar characteristics – if you feel you have been a victim to discriminative behavior, a Los Angeles discrimination attorney could help you to put an end to it. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may also be entitled to file for monetary compensation.

Are Common Attitudes to Millennials a Form of Age Discrimination

Legally, no, as the age discrimination law in California is only applicable to those older than 40 but, hypothetically speaking, the disparaging comments and disrespectful treatment shown to millennials across mainstream media and social networking could, perhaps, be considered a form of age discrimination.

After all, when comments about millennials are accompanied with an eye-roll, or the word is used as an insult, the speaker is, technically, discriminating. For now, your best course of action is to tell them firmly that their behavior is not acceptable, but who knows how discrimination law may develop in the future.

What Constitutes Workplace Discrimination in Los Angeles

Under current California law, which is, of course, applicable in Los Angeles, unlawful discrimination suits can be filed in relation to:

  1. Disability: Under the Americans With Disabilities Act and FEHA, it is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of physical or mental disability, or perceived disability. Employers are also obliged to take reasonable steps to accommodate employees’ disabilities.
  2. Sex and gender: It is unlawful to offer different rates of pay depending on the sex or gender of employees, or to behave in a way which could be described as sexual harassment.
  3. Pregnancy: Women cannot be discrimination against due to pregnancy, childbirth, or associated medical conditions.
  4. Religion: Los Angeles employees cannot be discriminated against on the grounds of religion, observing religious holidays or customs, or wearing religious dress.
  5. Race: California and federal law both make it illegal to discriminate based on race, color, national identity, or country of origin
  6. Age: Age discrimination laws may apply if you are denied promotion or employment due to being over 40

Discrimination can take many forms, with some of those a Los Angeles attorney will regularly handle including:

  1. Termination
  2. Uncomfortable working environment meaning an employee feels forced to resign
  3. Demotion or unfavorable assignment or transfer
  4. Reduced pay
  5. Failure to interview or hire
  6. Denied promotion

In short, any behavior that contravenes the terms and conditions of your employment, or your legal rights under state and federal law, could be considered an act of discrimination.

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