Do You Need A Riverside Car Accident Attorney If Your Injuries Are Minor?

By: JML Law | June 20, 2018.

There is a common misconception that you do not need to hire a car accident lawyer if your injuries are minor, but how true is this statement? If your injuries after a car crash are minor it would be naïve to believe that the at-fault party will be willing to admit fault straight away and that his/her insurance company will provide you with the compensation you deserve no questions asked.

Unfortunately, that is not how things work around here. In the vast majority of cases in California, regardless of the severity of the victim’s injuries, at-fault motorists choose to defend themselves and put up a fight before admitting their fault or agreeing to settle a claim.

Thus, the importance of being represented by an auto accident lawyers in Riverside even if your injuries are minor is pretty obvious. If you want to formulate a strong legal strategy, be able to recover damages and negotiate a larger settlement offer, hiring a lawyer is the way to go.

You deserve to be compensated for minor injuries

Just because your injuries are minor and seem insignificant does not mean that your case is not worth the time and effort to file a personal injury lawsuit and recover damages. If your injuries after a car accident are minor and the at-fault driver refuses to admit fault and compensate for your injuries and damages does not mean that you should just give up and let him/her off the hook simply because your injuries seem insignificant.

“You deserve to be compensated fairly regardless of the severity of the bodily injury that the at-fault party has caused you,” says our experienced car accident attorney in Riverside from the JML Law.

Do you need to hire a lawyer if your injuries are not severe

There are many things to consider when choosing whether or not to hire a car accident lawyer if your injuries are minor. First of all, in the vast majority of all personal injury cases, liability is disputed by the accused party (defendant).

More often than not, the at-fault party will try to defend himself/herself against your claim to escape liability or reduce the value of your settlement. If you fail to establish liability properly and your legal case is weak, you risk losing the right to recover damages.

That is why being legally represented is a good idea even if your injuries after a car crash are not severe. More often than not, the at-fault party will eventually admit fault and agree to a settlement agreement as long as your lawyer’s negotiation skills are on point.

Determine the value of your personal injury claim after a car accident

In addition to that, you need the legal help when determining the real value of your personal injury claim, as insurance companies tend to offer low-ball, less-than-you-deserve settlement offers that do not represent the true extent of your injuries. Consulting with a Riverside car accident attorney, on the other hand, will help you determine the full value of your claim taking into account all of the damages and losses, including but not limited to medical expenses, loss of income, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and many more.

Also, do keep in mind that just because your injuries after a car accident seem minor does not necessarily mean that they are not worth medical attention. In many cases, injuries that seem minor hours or even days after a car crash evolve into more serious, severe injuries. That is because the symptoms do not always manifest themselves immediately. So make sure you get a full medical checkup after a car crash to document your injuries.

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