June 29, 2017

Placing an elderly loved one in someone else’s care is a difficult decision that many families have to take. Your loved one has reached a point where you can no longer take care of them yourself and needs assistance. At first everything seems to be going well but then you start to sense a change in behavior and physical well-being. Could this be their health deteriorating or signs of elder abuse? At the first sign of elder abuse contact a qualified California elder abuse attorney.

Physical and Psychological Abuse

Elder abuse can be difficult to detect in nursing homes because the elderly person may not be able to fully communicate what is happening to them. When visiting an elderly friend or relative make note of their physical and mental state. If you notice a change say something. Physical abuse includes sexual assault, overmedicating, under medicating and battery. Signs to look for when visiting are bruises, bloodstained clothing and unnecessary restraints.

Mental abuse is not as visually noticeable as physical abuse or neglect. Emotional abuse can be caused by financial scams and manipulation. All forms of mental abuse are conducted when loved ones are not around. If you notice that staff insists on being present during your visitation or tries to speak for your loved one, this is a major red flag that there is something they are trying to hide. While visiting look at how staffers treat other patients like if they call them names, ignore them or destroy their property. Chances are if they are treating one patient like that they are treating others the same way.

Nursing Home Negligence

Unfortunately, neglect is experienced by elders in nursing homes when the facilities are known to have high staff turnovers. Always do thorough research on the facility you are placing your loved one in. There are many things that contribute to neglect like denying the senior food, healthcare, clean clothing, and supervision. When visiting look for proper hygiene and clothing as well as nonfunctioning medical devices like hearing aids. Is your loved one isolated from everyone or losing weight unexpectedly. These could also be signs that they are being neglected by staff.

What can you do

Before admitting your loved one into a nursing home or care facility there are some preventative measures you can take. Research a facility online by viewing their profiles and California violations if any. Visit the facility and meet with the staff, during your visit ask to see a license and inspection report. Ask all the questions you can think of and observe how other residents are being treated during your visit. At the first sign of abuse report the facility and contact a California elder abuse attorney.

What a California Elder Abuse Attorney can do

A California elder abuse attorney can direct you on the next steps in your case. They will guide you on how to safely move your loved one from the facility and report the abuse to the proper authorities. They will also inform you of your rights and those of the elderly loved one. Elder abuse cannot be tolerated by anyone.