January 9, 2019

Every day is a new day and we should be so grateful that we get a second chance at life. It is always a blessing to wake up next to our loved ones and hold them tight just one more time. Then there are those days that just never seem to end. Those who stay up all night and cause mischievous to those who are just trying to live their lives in a daily routine that makes them happy. This was the case in San Bernardino when a high-speed car chase resulted in a devastating accident.

The driver of a Honda Civic was driving at speeds up to 100 MPH to try and get away from the police that was chasing him early on Monday morning. The police stopped chasing him because they feared for their lives as the driver fled down domestic roads with lots of stoplights. He was driving away because he had several warrants for his arrest and was driving with a suspended license. It wasn’t too long after police stopped chasing him that the Honda Civic driver smashed in an innocent driver who was in his Mustang on his way to work. The hit was so hard and at such a fast speed that the engine fell out of a car alongside other car pieces. The force was so great that for blocks you could pick up more car pieces. The driver of the Honda Civic died on impact. The innocent bystander was taken to the hospital with hopes to recover.

Accidents like these do happen. What was once the beginning of your daily routine turns into a tragic, catastrophic accident. Thankfully the innocent driver is still alive, but what are the injuries? What will the aftermath look like? Also, thankfully there was camera footage of the accident, but there isn’t always a camera when it comes to an accident. How do you get accurate witnesses? How do you get an accurate picture of what happened to see who is more at fault? All these questions can be resolved when you have a good car accident attorney on your side.

If you choose someone to represent you, then you are already increasing your chances of getting the compensation you deserve for the injuries that you sustained. Do not let the stress from the injuries prevent you from reaching out to an attorney. California has a two-year statute of limitations for car accidents that cause personal injury. There is a three-year statute of limitations to file for property damage.

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