How High Profile Cases Empower Women to Speak About Sexual Harassment

By: JML Law | June 7, 2018.

Sexual harassment is a topic that for some reason has been swept under the carpet for years. Unfairly, women have felt shame and upset over speaking about facing the issue in the workplace. With a masochistic environment, and quite often with men in the top ranking roles women have also been uncomfortable to talk about the issue, and in some cases fearful of the consequences if they came forward. But with more and more prominent women coming forward with their stories women all around the world are becoming empowered to do the same.

A case in the limelight:

In 2017 Americas sweetheart Taylor Swift filed a lawsuit against a Colorado DJ for sexual harassment. During a meet and greet session with Swift, the DJ proceeded to grab the young singers behind without her permission. Swift promptly filed a case for sexual harassment which she won, and received a compensation amount of one million dollars.

The impact of Taylor Swift filing the lawsuit:

Whilst it is unfortunate that the incident occurred and this type of behaviour is so rife it brought forward to the world that not only does this type of behaviour still exist but it can happen to anyone regardless of social standing, culture or fame. A common misconception is that someone as famous as Swift will not face an act such as this, and it is only the average woman that will undergo events like the one that occurred with Swift. By coming forward with her claim, Swift has managed to quash this commonly held misconception about sexual harassment and has also empowered many people to come forward with their own experience of sexual harassment.

Secondly by not just bringing the issue to the public eye, but by also taking action against the DJ Swift showed women just how important it is to take action and how inappropriate this type of behaviour is. Many people do not report this behaviour out of embarrassment but Swift has shown to the world that this behaviour is to be frowned upon, and that it is not the fault of the person facing sexual harassment. It is therefore nothing to be embarrassed about. By taking such a bold step by not letting her harasser get away with his behaviour she has not only made sure he does not repeat his mistake, but that men around the world think twice before doing something similar.

Contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer today:

If you believe that you have been involved in an incident where you have been subjected to the unfortunate act of sexual harassment by another and that employer was negligent in sorting out the issue then it is imperative that you take action by contacting a Los Angeles employment lawyer today. An employment lawyer will fight for your rights as an employee and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our law offices for assistance by an experienced employment lawyer today at 818-610-8800.

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