LAPD Capt. Accuses Police of Altering Crime Statistics, But What About Police Misconduct Statistics?

By: JML Law | November 10, 2017.
LAPD Capt. Accuses Police of Altering Crime Statistics, But What About Police Misconduct Statistics?

Police in Los Angeles have long been accused of covering up police misconduct, but LAPD members are now also being accused by their own captain of twisting crime statistics to make the city seem safer (while it’s not).

The shocking accusations came earlier this week by LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza, who notified the department’s superiors of underreporting of crime, misclassifying violent crime, and misleading the public about unlawful acts in the city.

It’s not the first time the LAPD has been accused of covering up crimes and misleading the public. A 2014 investigation by the Los Angeles Times showed that the police department in LA misclassified nearly 1,200 violent in 2013.

The captain alleges that aggravated assaults in 2016 were underreported by about 10% in the Pacific and Central divisions, with police members misclassifying those cases as less serious offenses in order to create the illusion of a safer city.

The LAPD captain is accusing the police department of engaging “in a highly complex and elaborate coverup” and providing “false crime figures” to mislead the public and convince them that the crime rate in the city has been decreasing.

In its investigation, the LA Times also found that from 2005 to fall 2012, the LAPD misclassified an estimated 14,000 aggravated assaults as minor offenses.

Police misconduct statistics in Los Angeles

Given the shocking allegations, any Los Angeles resident may wonder, “Well, if they are lying to the public about this, they might as well make unlawful arrests, shoot us and get away with it, and wrongfully convict innocent citizens.”

And you may be right about this. In fact, statistics show that police officers are indicted in fewer than 1% of killings of citizens, while over 90% of civilians are indicted in a killing.

More disturbingly, up to 1,400 people get killed by police officers and law enforcement officials each year.

Police misconduct lawsuits are booming in Los Angeles and all across California, but the chances of winning them are slim to none if you’re not represented by an experienced police misconduct attorney from a reputable law firm in LA.

Only a Los Angeles attorney who has experience litigating against the LAPD can win a settlement for your damages and injuries sustained in a police misconduct incident. If you’re not represented by a lawyer, your lawsuit may be dismissed as police officers are usually protected by ‘investigational immunity’.

Does it mean police can get away with misconduct in Los Angeles

That doesn’t mean, however, that police officer and law enforcement officials can get away with wrongful convictions, unlawful arrests, and other types of police misconduct in Los Angeles.

All it means is that you should get professional legal representation from a Los Angeles police misconduct attorney to have a higher chance of success.

JML Law is a reputable law firm based in Los Angeles that has handled hundreds of misconduct cases relating to police brutality and violations of civil rights by police officers and law enforcement officials.

We have an upper hand when it comes to litigating police misconduct, as we don’t simply look for easy-win settlements and obvious cases of police brutality or wrongful convictions.

Just because you did not suffer a severe injury or sustained permanent brain damage as a result of police brutality doesn’t mean there is no case. In fact, any case of police misconduct must be thoroughly reviewed and the responsible parties must be brought to justice.

This is a major part of our philosophy here at JML Law. Our Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys are willing to spend countless hours – years, if necessary – to prove police misconduct and secure six-, seven- or eight-figure settlements for our clients.

Consult our police brutality attorneys by calling at 818-610-8800 today or send an email for a free case evaluation.

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