Man Saves Three Year Old From Dog Attack. Child Sustained Severe Injuries.

By: JML Law | August 4, 2018.
Man Saves Three Year Old From Dog Attack. Child Sustained Severe Injuries.

Many families with children, decide to get a loyal companion to accompany their child through life. Oftentimes, families forget that dogs although lovable and loyal can also be dangerous. There have been many instances of dogs attacking their beloved owners and yes, this includes the little humans too. Most recently, there was a case of a three-year-old who found himself hospitalized after being mauled by a dog. Although, in this case, the dog was not the family’s but the neighbors it has still become a traumatic experience for all involved…

The incident

Although the situation ended with major injuries, it could have been much worse had the neighbor and dog owner not stepped in to save the child.

Dwayne Pressley was home relaxing with friends when one of them pointed towards a dog pen. The three-year-old boy had fallen out of a window into the pen and was being attacked by the family’s pit bull, which is a dog that already has a very bad reputation. Dwayne without a second thought ran towards the pen to attempt to save the child.

“We just heard a noise so we went thing we know he looked in the yard and he said hey there’s a little kid over there and a dog, a little blonde kid”, said Dwayne.“Come hell or high water that child needs help, that’s all I knew. I thought he was dead. He was sitting there in a crouched position covering his eye.”

The injuries sustained by the boy

The boy’s mother was asleep during the attack and while the child was thankfully alive he sustained severe injuries. The dog bites resulted in his left eye being exposed right to his cheekbone and the dog had eaten half of the boys face.

Implications of the attack

During the course of events, various authorities were called on to the scene. They seized the dog and took both the boy and his eight-month sibling into custody. This was because during the investigation there were several hazards that were found. The toddler was airlifted to the hospital to treat the injuries and is expected to recover. The parents of the boy have also been arrested for child endangerment.

The boy’s father said “ I went to work at 11 am yesterday and I come home to my kid, everyone telling me that my kids got injured by a dog… I’m getting put in cuffs and didn’t understand why. I’m there part-time. Sometimes when we have fights I leave for four or five days.”

This is a unique case but not uncommon in Los Angeles. Dogs are everywhere and you never know who has a dangerous dog. Even small dogs can be vicious. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, seek medical attention immediately and contact one of our best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles. Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced attorneys today by calling us directly at 818-610-8800 or by filling out our contact form.

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