“Me Too” Happens To Men, Too

By: JML Law | September 20, 2018.
“Me Too” Happens To Men, Too

The last few years have been a reckoning for many powerful men in the entertainment and business industries. It seems that every day more women courageously come forward to tell their stories of harassment. They have been empowered by the “Me Too” movement and finally seeing the public taking the side of women who are abused and assaulted.

Now, it is hard for companies and managers to sweep sexual assault allegations under the carpet and pretend they have not happened.

It has been a movement that could change workplace environments for good, but there is still one thing we do not talk about enough.

Men who are assaulted

Men who have been sexually assaulted in the workplace, whether by women or other men, are often very hesitant to come forward. They often feel embarrassed. They think that if they report it, people will wonder what their problem is.

“You’re telling me you are complaining because she touched?”

“Come on, man. You should like it.”

“Oh, so now it’s “You Too?”

As with the wider “Me Too” movement, it is taking celebrities coming forward for us to realize that this is a problem. Terry Crews, known for his roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expendables brought a lawsuit against a large talent agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

The lawsuit stems from a 2016 event held by the agency. Crews claim that Adam Venit, the former head of the agency’s motion picture division, grabbed his genitals.

This agency, the one that Venit worked for, represented Crews at the time and was responsible for keeping him safe and out of situations where these kinds of things could happen.

Anyone, Anywhere

At JML Law, we want you to know that we understand that sexual harassment can happen to anyone in any kind of workplace. It does not matter if you work in fast food, a big box store, a law firm, or on Wall Street. Sexual harassment is wrong and creates a toxic work environment.

It looks different in every situation, but anytime a coworker makes another person feel uncomfortable by touching them or saying inappropriate things, it should be reported and taken care of.

Many people do not report harassment, whether out of shame or fear of retaliation or termination.

How can a single parent report sexual assault if they think that doing so will cost them their job?

What You Can Do

If you have been sexually harassed in your workplace and your employer is not taking the report seriously, you need to seek legal assistance. JML Law will fight for you, ensuring that you are treated fairly. If needed, we will work with you to bring a lawsuit against your employer. We will seek compensation for damages ranging from lost income, future income, and pain and suffering damages. When you need a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation.

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