Measure C will change the way police misconduct is handled in LA

By: JML Law | May 26, 2017.
Measure C will change the way police misconduct is handled in LA

Everyone agrees that police officer should be held accountable for their actions. But this is not what will be happening here in Los Angeles with the new measure were police officers guilty of misconduct will be able to choose the body where they can appeal.  Amendment C will allow the officer being judged to pick a board with three civilians to appeal. Community activists are very unhappy and urge people to vote no on Amendment C. Supporters from the police officers’ union say that the measure is a good thing as it allows civilians to oversight the police.   If you are in need of a Los Angeles police misconduct attorney, look no further than JML Law

Amendment C

The Los Angeles disciplinary system is a bit complex. It’s drawing the criticism from the media and individuals within the system as well as outsiders. Police officers often feel they are not treated fairly as the current panel composed of police authorities may recommend serious punishment. However, outsiders say police officers guilty of misconduct are often protected by disciplinary panels and instead of being fired, they continue working as if nothing ever happened. Amendment C reinforces this behavior and supports the long history of scandals among police authorities in Los Angeles.

New changes coming up

As of right now, police officers have judged under a panel made up of two officers and one civilian. In the new amendment, this scenario will completely change as three civilians will join the board. With no high-rank officers being in charge, chances are the police will get away with anything. How can a panel of civilians only make a reasonable judgment? This is exactly what the police want.

Civilians on the panels

Civilian panelist should reside in Los Angeles and have some sort of experience with mediation, arbitration, or related background. It seems that panelists are professional arbitrators. However, the city is seeking to expand these panels with other candidates. It seems that the only people supporting this new amendment are the ones that will be beneficiated by it. Among supporters we find members of the City Council, Mayor Eric Garcetti, the LAPD, and Herb Wesson, the council president.

People opposing it

Some groups promoting police accountability have campaigned against Amendment C. Among these groups we find the Los Angeles Community Action Network and Community Coalition (LA CAN), the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles (LWV),  Black Lives Matter, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California (ACLU), and a few other organizations.

Find legal protection

There is a danger in Amendment C being approved as police officers may be judged by a faulty panel. Time will tell what Amendment C will do to the Los Angeles disciplinary system. Meanwhile, there is nothing better than reaching out to a Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys to handle these types of cases. If your civil rights were violated and you have been the victim of police misconduct, contact JML Law today.

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