Millennials Are Replacing Older Executives: What Can You Do About It?

By: JML Law | October 5, 2017.
Millennials Are Replacing Older Executives: What Can You Do About It?

Cases of age discrimination in Riverside have skyrocketed in recent years, with millennials turning 25-30 and replacing older executives.

In many cases, the replacement is legal and makes sense, but in other cases — it’s illegal and amounts to age discrimination.

If you’re in your 50s, 60s or older, and you were recently replaced by a millennial 20-30 years your junior, you must be wondering: “Have I just been fired because of my age? Isn’t it age discrimination? Should I file a lawsuit?

Are you a victim of age discrimination

Rachel is in her 60s and she has worked at a company for three decades. Her previous manager had always praised Rachel for her superb job performance.

But the company recently went through a management shakeup, and now Rachel has to report to a new manager, Stacy, who is 30 years her junior.

Under Stacy, Rachel is being assigned much more work and now has more responsibilities in the company. Stacy orders a performance evaluation, which concludes that Rachel has been a less effective employee than other employees, who are mostly millennials.

Without giving Rachel 30-90 days to improve her performance, Stacy fires her the next day. In this case, Rachel may be entitled to file an age discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit.

Like millions of other women in Riverside and all across the United States, Rachel has become a victim of age discrimination.

Although a thorough investigation by an age discrimination attorney is required to determine whether or not Rachel’s case amounts to age discrimination, it’s clear that older women and men are being replaced by millennials in pretty much every industry, be it insurance, healthcare or retail.

How to pursue an age discrimination claim in Riverside

If you’ve been phased out by a millennial and you think your firing was illegal, do consult a Riverside employment attorney right away before it’s too late to file a claim.

Call JML Law’s Riverside offices at 818-610-8800 and get a free initial consultation about your particular case.

Note: Just because you’re in your 50s or 60s and you were fired or replaced by a millennial doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a victim of age discrimination.

Only an experienced age discrimination attorney can determine whether or not you’re entitled to file a lawsuit, obtain the compensation and potentially reclaim your position at the company.

Older women are more vulnerable to age discrimination

Losing a job or getting demoted just because you’re an older person in your 50s or 60s has become a widespread issue in the U.S., especially with so many millennials showing no respect for the older and more experienced colleagues or employees.

Older women are particularly vulnerable to age discrimination, which has much to do with society’s questionable obsession with the physical appearance.

While older men rarely receive bad treatment in the workplace just because of their physical appearance, older women tend to face both age and gender bias in the workplace.

In fact, statistics show that finding a new job at age 60 is much more difficult for women than men.

Fired women with a long history of career success have more chances of winning an age discrimination case than those who got fired after working only for a few months or years.

However, any case is unique and requires a thorough and unbiased evaluation from an age discrimination attorney.

Find out if you’re entitled to obtain compensation for wrongful termination and age discrimination by calling JML Law’s Riverside offices today. Call our lawyer at 818-610-8800 or send us an email for a free initial consultation.

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