Are Motorcycle Clubs in Riverside to Blame for More Car Accidents?

By: JML Law | January 12, 2018.

In a recent assault on a car driver, a massive group of motorcyclists swarmed the freeway in downtown Riverside and showed the real face of motorcycle clubs.

Earlier this month, an estimated 200 motorcyclists flooded Highway 91 in Riverside and contributed to major traffic congestion, motorcycle accidents and even assaults on drivers.

One driver was assaulted by a group of motorcyclists after they chased him on the freeway. While investigators are still trying to establish the chain of events leading up to the assault, which left the victim severely injured, it’s unclear what happened on the freeway before the beating.

It is presumed, however, that the driver had been involved in a crash – possibly against one of the bikers – which could have angered the motorcyclists and prompted them to get revenge.

The driver regretted being on that freeway at about 1 pm that day, as he was largely outnumbered. The victim’s name has not been disclosed to the media.

The harm of motorcycle clubs: the ugly truth

The assault took place when the driver exited the freeway at Mission Inn Avenue, got out of his vehicle, and attempted to escape on foot. But a group of motorcyclists caught him and violently beat him up.

Unsurprisingly, the motorcyclists – who are said to be members of a biker club or gang – fled the crime scene by the time Riverside police and the California Highway Patrol officers arrived.

The victim was found on the ground and had his face bleeding and swollen from multiple blows. Messing up with and crossing motorcycle clubs is the last thing you want to do unless you want to be hospitalized with devastating injuries.

Getting assaulted by motorcycle clubs and gangs, who total 100, 200 or more motorcyclists, can be a traumatizing experience, as the number of such clubs and gangs seems to be expanding every year, our motorcycle accident attorneys at JML Law warn.

Assault is not the only harm caused by violent motorcyclists who outnumber other motorists on the streets of Riverside. Enormous groups of motorcyclists can also slow down traffic on freeways, cause motor vehicle accidents, and do wheelies and other stunts in the lanes, which often kill pedestrians and lead to multiple-vehicle collisions.

Not all motorcyclists are dangerous, but many are

Although not all bikers in Riverside are club or gang members and are dangerous, many of them are, our Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys at JML Law warn.

Fact: over 5,000 people are killed in motorcycle accidents across the U.S. every year, while 100,000 others get injured.

In fact, just because a motorcyclist is wearing a Sons of Anarchy outfit full of leather and is rocking a Jax Teller-inspired hairstyle doesn’t necessarily make him violent and dangerous.

Most motorcyclists – even those who are members of motorcycle gangs and clubs – are safe to be around, but only when they aren’t accompanied by a fellow club or gang members. When motorcyclists begin to outnumber car drivers on the freeways, that’s where things get particularly dangerous.

Whether you’re a motorist based in Riverside or elsewhere in California, do know that biker clubs and gangs are very real. In addition to the aforementioned harm caused by motorcycle clubs – car accidents, traffic congestions, multiple-vehicle collisions, assaults – biker gangs are also involved in other, more serious crimes such as selling and transporting illegal drugs and weapons, murder, child prostitution, and robberies.

If you have been injured as a result of an encounter with a biker club or gang in Riverside, don’t pursue legal action without legal representation. By going to war with motorcyclists alone, you risk facing retaliation, which could cost you your life.

Call our Riverside motorcycle accident attorneys at JML Law to find out your best legal options in seeking justice and obtaining compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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