Could New York-Style Subway Terror Attack Happen in Riverside?

By: JML Law | December 20, 2017.
Could New York-Style Subway Terror Attack Happen in Riverside?

A would-be suicide bomber nearly killed dozens or hundreds of New Yorkers when a crude pipe bomb strapped to his body failed to detonate in Manhattan’s busiest subway corridor during the rush hours on Monday.

Reports of the subway terror attack started rolling in in the early morning hours of Monday, sending shivers down the spines of millions of Americas.

Fact: Nearly 7,400 people have been killed in over 1,000 terror attacks worldwide in 2017 alone.

The scenario that New York has feared for decades – the one in which a terrorist sets off a bomb during busy hours in the city’s crowded subway – was avoided.

While this time New York – or any other city of the U.S. that could be in NYC’s place – was lucky because the low-tech explosive device failed to work as intended, what about new attempts from suicide bombers in New York City or Riverside?

Could the New York-style subway terror attack happen in Riverside?

Details about Monday’s terror attack in NYC

The terror attack in New York City was carried out by a suspect identified as Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant, and former cab driver. Thousands of terrified NYC commuters were sent fleeing the smoke-choked passageways, while three people suffered minor injuries (headache and ringing ears).

The attempted terrorist attack became the first bomb to explode in the subway in more than 20 years, but certainly not the first terror attack in New York City. In fact, it was the third attack in the city since September 2016, and the second in nearly two months.

If the bomb worked as intended and the would-be suicide bomber achieved his ultimate goals, the consequences would be bloody and devastating. The attempted terror attack came less than two months after eight people died near the World Trade Center in a truck attack.

The Oct. 31 terror attack was carried out by an Uzbek immigrant. The truck attack and Monday’s attempted terror attack bolstered U.S. President Donald Trump’s calls to adopt hardline immigration policies in order to prevent similar attacks in our nation.

Ullah, Monday’s would-be suicide bomber, came to the U.S. in 2011 after obtaining a family-based visa, the one that Trump has lambasted in recent years and slammed as “incompatible with national security.”

Could a New York-style terror attack happen in Riverside

But could the New York-style subway terror attack happen in Riverside or elsewhere in California? It could, our personal injury attorneys at JML Law warn, adding that Riverside, Los Angeles, and other major cities in the state get particularly crowded during rush hours.

Public places crowded with commuters create a tempting environment for terrorists to carry out terror acts.

The would-be suicide bomber in the most recent NYC terror attack is thought to have purchased bomb-making materials commercially, which means any ISIS-inspired individual can build a bomb and sneak it into public transportation or other public places crowded with commuters.

But who would compensate for your injuries, damages, and losses sustained in a terror attack? It’s not like you can just sue the suicide bomber.

After the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. government set up compensation policies that allowed victims of terrorist bombings and other terrorist attacks to get compensation. Our Riverside personal injury attorneys outline four main sources of compensation for victims of terrorist attacks:

  1. Private insurance
  2. The tort system
  3. Private charities
  4. Government assistance.

Here at JML Law, our personal injury attorneys strive to make obtaining compensation as easy as possible for all victims: whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, assault, police misconduct, and other cases.

Consult our best attorneys to learn about the best legal options in your particular case. Call 818-610-8800 or send an email for a free case evaluation.

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